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The RMB Act is an official law in The East Pacific, forbidding any type of regional advertisement within The East Pacific. This includes posting regional links.

The full text of the RMB Act is as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as the Regional Message Board Regulation Act, 2013.

Regulations, Enforcement, and Punishment
2. Any region advertisement posted on the RMB is, through the passage of this act, hereby considered a transgression against the East Pacific public. All RMB violators are subject to ejection and permanent banishment from the region. The Delegate may at their discretion suppress any advertisements posted on the RMB.
(1) Violators of this Act are subject to summary punishment by the Delegate, citizens reserving the right to appeal to Conclave.
(2) Repeated and offensive violations constitute an insult to the East Pacific, its right to an active RMB and sovereignty. This should be dealt with accordingly by the government.

3. (1) Any member of the East Pacific may issue a warning for the contravention of these regulations by sending an in-game telegram to the offender.

(2) The member must also notify the Delegate of the offence immediately.

So, no advertisements ever! Advertisements are bad.