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Europeia's Weekly Update - 11/01

Europeia's Weekly Update
January 11 2020
Written by Xecrio

Community Development
Chief of State HEM has released Linkcommunity development goals with the intent to make the region more active and develop it as a whole. The cabinet will also play a role in ensuring that these goals are met.

Update From The First Minister
First Minister Calvin Coolidge released his sixth weekly Linkreview of the term, in which he praised cabinet ministries for their hard work and what he expects for the future. The first minister has also informed citizens that the medals record is now up to date and people can view them Linkhere.

Ministry Work
The Ministry of Interior is looking for people to fill the positions of recruitment manager, gameside manager, and integration manager. You can find the job openings Linkhere.

Minister of Radio Cuddles has released his midterm Linkaddress. In it, he discusses what has been successful and what projects the ministry has fallen behind on. The minister also states why these things failed and what needs to be done to ensure the ministry can thrive.

In what has been an extremely busy week for the ministry of communications, Minister of Communications Xecrio released a short Linkupdate addressing the large number of articles that have been written this week and the excitement around the private media Linkcompetition. The ministry has also brought the return of the weekly private media spotlight. This week Olde Delaware received the spotlight for his LinkMilitary Times article on the tensions between Iran and the USA. Beyond the Borders had its Linkfirst article of the term this week written by Maowi .The article discusses the NationStates game side security council and the issuing of condemnations, asking to discover what condemnations are for and how they should be used.

Minister of Culture Dax has been hard at work with a few different projects during this winter period. The ministry is hosting Linkgauntlet games, this week citizens were challenged to a game of "Quick Draw!" There is also an UNO Linktournament to be hosted, applications to take part can be found here. There is also the return of Linktheme week. This past week has had a wintery theme, which has resulted in a wintery story being produced on the forums also.

Citizens Spotlight Nominations
Second Minister Dax has announced that she is taking nominations for the citizens' Linkspotlight. If anyone knows of a citizen that they think should be praised for the work they do on Europeia, then they should get in touch with Dax.