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Rejectvision 4

Bienvenue, velkommen, benvenuto and welcome to the 4th instalment of Rejectvision! Once again it's time for my fellow Rejects and our friends to compete for the ultimate title of "Rejectvision Winner"! But most importantly, it's a chance for us to share a song we love with one another!

Rejectvision is a contest a lot like Eurovision except you will not have to submit an original song and can just submit a song that you happen to like a lot. We want to be as inclusive as possible and not everyone is musically gifted. Each person who would like to participate will submit one song to be judged. All participants will then cast their votes, ranking songs they like the best.

How To Submit A Song

You will be able to submit a song either on our regional forum in Linkthis thread or via telegram to Karputsk. You have one week, from January 12th (today) to January 19th.

The following format should be used for submission:

Nation/Common Alias:
Song Title:
Link To Song (e.g. - Youtube):


Once the submission period ends, a list will be provided with all the songs that were entered into the contest. Then it will be up to each individual participant to listen to the songs and determine which ones they like the best. We will also host a listening session on our discord server with a playlist of all the songs submitted for the contest. It’ll be a good way to hang out and maybe to get to know some different people. More information on that will come as things develop.

The voting system will look like below (subject to change based off of number of entries)

12 points - Top Choice
10 points
8 points
6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point

Once the submission period ends there will be one week to vote from January 19th to January 26th. If a participant fails to send a vote their entry will be eliminated from the contest. Once everyone has voted the points will be tallied and the entry with the highest points will be declared the winner.

I hope you will join us for this competition and I look forward to what you all submit. If you have any questions about the contest please feel free to ask.

Entries so far
Nakari - LinkMy Head In Front Of Your Head by Best Friends Forever
The Aligned People - LinkBrother by NEEDTOBREATHE
Hakketomat - LinkWolf Totem by The HU
North Harmeonia - LinkThis Feeling by Alabama Shakes
Shy Guyia - LinkDown Under by The Red Army Choir
Rom - LinkThe Primer by Between the Buried and Me
Catalyse - LinkMind Drips by Neon Indian
Despairibs - LinkMr. Kitty by After Dark
Outboundstagnate - LinkMario Kart 64 Rainbow Road Theme by Kenta Nagata
Thepeopl - LinkJustice De Julia II by Brutus
Morover - LinkThe Great Escape by Woodkid
Sarah - LinkMisery by Pink & Steven Tyler
The Grim Reaper - LinkBasketFlies by DJ Cummberbund
Wabbitslayah - LinkWhen You Come To My Heart/If You Come into My Heart by Hwa Sa
Deadeye Jack - LinkBetter Than I Used To by Illiterate Light
Guy - LinkSour Candy by Bleached
Wopruthien - LinkTruth Hurts by Lizzo
Sir Merlin - LinkTwo of Spades by Ensiferum
Altasund - LinkPraying by KEiiNO
Bormiar - LinkWho Am I by Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables)
Bowshot - LinkI Love Sausage Rolls by LadyBaby
The Church of Satan - LinkLava Powerhouse by Sega (Sonic game)
Karputsk - LinkStraight White Male by Bo Burnham
Haku - LinkThe Night We Met by Lord Huron
Kyorgia - LinkTypisk Norsk by Katastrofe
Libetarian Republics - LinkCat's Eye by Anri
Puppet2 - LinkHatriđ mun sigra by Hakari

List of Past Winners
LinkRejectvision 1: Deadeye Jack - LinkSilver Lining by Mt Joy
LinkRejectvision 2: Escade - LinkHypnotic by Zella Day
LinkRejectvision 3: Sarah - LinkBlack Sheep by Metric

The Lone Ranger of Karputsk