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Beepee for Del

Hello Everyone....

Vote for the Bee!

It's me, Beepee and I am here again seeking your vote in the upcoming Delegate Election.

Vote Beepee at page=poll/p=151982

Vote Beepee for an active, caring, secure Delegate

So most of you know me, but for those who dont... Hi! How come you dont me?

Ahhh, timezones! *waves from Australia* Look I'm upside down!

For this campaign I thought about all the awesome things I can tell you about myself and how much I love TSP and everyone in it, but I think you probably already know that... but if you've forgotten, let's remember some of the awesome things I love to do.....

I love using emoji to spell KRINGLE whenever he posts on discord...

I love teasing IoU about his mom...

I love using the dot dot dot...

I love the RMB and all its RMBness...

I love TSP... I'd never want to put it in a bad place.

So with all that in mind, if I were elected what would I do...

1. I'll endotart my little heart out. I'm doing pretty good at it... check my links...
2. I'll be the big friendly welcome mat that everyone can use,
3. I'll be active across discord, forums and RMB... just like now, so I can hopefully balance the role and support everything and everyone, pointing people in the right direction,
4. I'll learn from the best, I'll learn from you.... so I'll take advice from the experts in the WA team and MoFA for how to vote and encourage everyone to vote that way too,
5. I'll have fun with the LC, if they still want me, and encourage cross platform integration and movement,
6. I'll love you all and support you all and feed you cake and I'll never mention "shark coup" again... and
7. I'll ask lots of people to help make sure I'm doing a good job and to slap me if I need it.

More importantly, if elected, what will I not do:

I will not push the big red button

Oh My God! Please find enclosed a NS dispatch or two in support of my candidacy.

It's that time of year...
It's time to
Vote Beepee for Delegate!

I got a nomination from Roavin and I thought...
why thank you! How lovely!


Why do I think I'd be good, I've got energy and a clean bill of health from the doctor so I'm not going to die (yet)...

I last ran a year ago and I got to the grand final runoff against the most incredible delegate ever Erinor. And I was like...

Now, I didn't win, but it was such a good experience. Like, the best experience.

So now, with your help, it's time for me to go one step further and be the Delegate you deserve.

Like all good campaigns, I have a plan... to follow on from the good work of Aumeltopia and remain awesome.

You might think...

Is that it?

Yep....the Delegate is the ceremonial head of TSP, and whilst that doesn't mean the position is not important...

We need someone just crazy enough to wear that crown at a jaunty angle, and just sane enough to not let it slip off.

I know,

That's me!

Finally, I personally believe that as Delegate I'd get to do my most favourite thing... look after you all.... having well cared for citizens, who feel welcomed, nourished and supported are our best method for encouraging a strong and sustainable South Pacific. Someone with a range of life experiences who can listen, empathise and guide whilst being even handed and awesome is what we need...

I almost made myself cry....

I'm happy to take your questions.

But in the meantime...

. Vote for Beepee in the election poll here! .

Conflict of Interest

I, Beepee, in line with the requirements of the Elections Act, hereby truthfully declare the following information and conflicts of interest:

My WA and main nation is Beepee, which has resided in TSP since I joined NS.

I have a puppet called Catenham, which is in TSP for doing stuff like drafting LC legislation, TSP games and RP. Otherwise it just sits there and occasionally CTEs.

I am a former TSP ambassador, former MoRA, and Current LC. 

Given the above, I believe I have no known conflicts of interest which would affect my ability to run for Delegate of TSP. Should any of the above raise concern, please ask

Read dispatch


This is the fight of our lifetime...

Aumeltopia vs Beepee


We all know Aumeltopia is

But, friends,

And in order to achieve my destiny as your loving, caring, warm, friendly Delegate, I need you to vote for me


In this poll...


And those who dont vote for me,

If I should die in this conquest to win the delegacy remember to avenge my death and

Thank you.... Vote Beepee

Read dispatch

I'm happy to answer your questions...

Vote Beepee at page=poll/p=151982



The Commonwealth of Beepee