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Vote Marxist Memorial for FCN President!

Hello FCNers, I want to make the Federation of Conservative Nations the best region in NationStates. Here are my promises to you all for when I am elected:
  • I will officially rename our region to Federation of Communist Nerds because communism is good, nationalism is wack, and I'm positive we are all either nerds or nerds-in-denial. This new name will also reflect my proposed changes to the region.

  • I will officially have the FCN secede from the World Assembly due to the higher-up WA officials running a cabal that has a monopoly over the marijuana industry. The FCN must become an independent producer of weed.

  • I will officially create an international organization headed by the FCN that will spread communism throughout NationStates. While such organizations already exist, this one will be better because of my next promise.

  • I will officially pass the G*mer Act, an act that will enact policies such as mandatory g*ming, a population cap of 420 nations (nice) to prevent servers from being overcrowded, and compulsory censoring of the words "g*ming" and "g*mer" because it is random and random = funny.

  • I will officially begin an industrialization program in the FCN in order to further the prosperity of the workers. We will mass-manufacture tanks, planes, spoons, and forks for when we eat the rich.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my campaign for FCN President. Remember that just like this campaign, capitalism is a joke.

Marxist memorial