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EPNS New Year's 2020 Issue

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The East Pacific News Service
January 13, 2020

Happenings in the Conclave
By Zukchiva Yura†
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The past few months have been a time of change within the Conclave, the judicial branch of the East Pacific. This article will set out to highlight some of the going-ons in order to provide some understanding of what occurred in judicial matters in the recent months of 2019.


The past year has seen a lot of changes within the East Pacificís bench itself. The most startling is the resignation of Aelitia Astor as Viceroy, Arbiter, and Citizen on November 15th, 2019. Having been a part of the East Pacific for many years, Aelitia has served as the East Pacificís go-to for all judicial matters, and has played a part in forming the Conclave to what it is today. His resignation, while unexpected, was not totally unprecedented, as Aelitia was unable to maintain activity on NationStates for a month or two prior.

The year of 2019 also saw many other changes within the bench, eventually completely replacing the bench from what it was in January 2019. The new East Pacific Bench, going forward into 2020, consists of both new and incumbent Arbiters.. The current set of Arbiters forming the East Pacific Conclave are Zukchiva (reappointed November 25th, 2019), Asendavia (appointed May 21, 2019), Pakitsk (appointed October 30, 2019), and Wallenburg (appointed December 6, 2019), with Zukchiva being elected as Viceroy going into 2020.

These new Arbiter appointments are expected to bring back the activity within the judicial branch that has been missed for many months, due to being able to bring in new perspectives and ideas to change and revitalize the court.


The recent trials have since given light to multiple potential reforms that could take place within the Conclave. Along with these possible reforms, an amendment of the Standing Orders of the Conclave (the guiding document of Conclave business), has been a talking point for the past few months amongst Arbiters and citizens alike. The hope being that some way can be found to help change the judicial branch to incite activity amongst Arbiters and begin change on the finer processes of the Conclave.

In addition, the court is now setting up an attorney system to replace its system of warrants of arrest. While still in the drafting stages, it has not been submitted to the Magisterium for debate so as to be set in law. This new system seeks to give the accused in any East Pacifican trial a fair right to defense while still allowing trials to push forward and end in a matter of weeks, not months. Thus, making trials more fair to both to all parties involved in any trial, as well as the citizenry of The East Pacific.

All in all, a lot has been going on in the Conclave in recent months. The next year will provide an opportunity for the Conclave to restart with new goals and to instigate reform to make sure it represents justice as fairly and impartially as possible.

A New Year's Message
from Marrabuk

Dear Esteemed fellow TEPers,
As you all may already know, I am the current elected delegate of The East Pacific. I was elected on October 2019, where there was an attempted coup by the previous delegate and their followers. The attempt failed only because us TEPers are strong and united!†

Continue reading on†Linkthe magazine†or the†Linkoriginal forum post.

To The Next Decade
by East Malaysia (Emjay Moon)
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"Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind."
-The Doctor

A quote from the 12th Doctor before he regenerated resonated with me. The moment I heard it, I just knew it was the right motto for me, and that should be the motto for everyone.

NationStates, as a game, should have more people that follow that but they don't. Over the last 10 years It has been a continual power struggle as it should be with the game because our region is our nation and we must do whatever we can to protect it. That is what makes the game fun.

I would say over the last decade that The East Pacific has largely been the same for the last decade and the first seven years of this community's existence is the same. That is one of the things that makes The East Pacific unique is that it has had the same forum, style of government, and a large roleplay community for the last 17 years. That alone is the biggest accomplishment over the last decade is keeping The East Pacific a strong and united front.

That is not to say The East Pacific does not change because the names and faces of the people have greatly changed but the culture of the region is constant. A couple of Delegates have attempted to shift the culture by throwing rocks in the water but the community responded by sending a tsunami back at them.

This is because the culture of this region has the bottomless roots of a tree that cannot be uprooted. It has nothing to do with The East Pacific's "old guard" since they are virtually gone in regards to community activity. It is what they passed down from one generation to the next, and it has continued until today.

Looking forward to the next decade... to know where we are headed we must always remember where we came from. "Tomorrow's winds will blow tomorrow." Stay classy TEP and don't forget you are here forever!

The Long Road to Justice
Zukchiva Yura & East Malaysia (Emjay Moon)
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The East Pacific started the decade with The Empire and ended the decade with the Rahl Family. A decade long unhealthy obsession over The East Pacific. Where the originals failed... the descendants failed harder. It's been a long road to this point but finally, justice has been served.

For those who have been keeping track of judicial proceedings, it will be no surprise to know that five trials have recently ended within the past month. The trials for Aleister, Davelands, Fedele, Funkadelia and Tim Stark were initiated by The Confederated East Pacific after investigations via the East Pacific Police Service in order to bring justice to those who had played a part of the infamous failed coup that occurred during the October 2019 Delegate elections.

The trials began soon after the failed coup in October, but ran into December due to multiple issues dealing with now-former Viceroy Aelitiaís real-life duties and the inexperience of the new Arbiters at the time.

In the end, all verdicts sentenced the group to some form of ban from The East Pacific and its services. Aleister, Davelands, Fedele, and Funkadelia were banned for life due to their direct participation with the failed coup, while Tim Stark was banned for three years on a lesser charge for his involvement in the planning stages.

At the conclusion of these trials, it closes the book on a year of hell that has led The East Pacific to start the new chapter stronger than ever.

From My Nation to Yours
by East Malaysia (Emjay Moon)
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In the final week of 2019 I launched a daily endorsement campaign. I called it the "Seven Days of Endorsements" to promote the endorsement of the Delegate and Viziers in dispatches and telegram them to the region.

It's fast and easy to join the World Assembly on NationStates!

Outside of the General Assembly, Security Council, that cut throat place called NSGP and answering issues, endorsements are the most important part of playing NationStates.

You can remove all that junk mentioned above and you can still play NationStates with endorsements alone. It is an endless power struggle between raiders, defenders, invaders and neutral players for power.

As the saying goes... "with great powers, comes great responsibility" and that is true in NationStates also.

The East Pacific is largely considered a neutral region in the grandest picture of it all. That is why giving our endorsement to the Delegate and Viziers of the region is important. It puts foreign influence on notice that we are a strong independent region.

Joining the World Assembly also gives you an opportunity to join the EPSA, our regional military, and take on missions outside of The East Pacific. We aid our treated allied when the call comes. Endorsements are the best gift of all in NationStates. Have you given your endorsement yet?

End of the Year Survey
by Atlae

The East Pacific has really grown throughout the years ever since it became a Game Created Region in 2003. Led by 1 Infinite Loop he founded The Confederated East Pacific for the next three years until 2007 and in 2008 the region fought off the Empire and in 2009 the region drafted a Concordat that has lasted all the way to the present day.

LinkView the responses of the survey in the magazine edition