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The Call to Serve: General Zazumo on why you should join the NPA!

The Call to Serve: General Zazumo on why you should join the NPA!

Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence

What is this all about?
This is part of the Call to Serve series that is designed to encourage our nations to join the North Pacific Army!

This interview features General Zazumo one of the most beloved nerds in the North Pacific Army. You can read about his experience in the NPA below.

A Chat with Zazumo

How soon after joining TNP did you get involved, and what were your early experiences like?

It was about a year and a half, maybe two before I got involved with the NPA. Almost immediately military gameplay became my favorite aspect of NS. And the NPA community had (and still has) such great comradery it was easy to learn the game and make amazing friends.

Did you have prior experience in R/Ding prior to becoming involved in the NPA?

None at all. I didn't even know what raiding or defending was. Just thought 'being a soldier sounds cool'. But even after coming in ignorant I was quickly taught by amazing mentors it's okay to make mistakes when you learn from them. And I was an officer less than a year later.

Why should nations consider joining the North Pacific Army?

Joining the NPA gives you many opportunities for promotion and eventual officership. Military gameplay is such a unique and fun part of NationStates. I highly recommend it.

What would new cadets experience when they first join the NPA? What kind of training do they go through?

After your given the basic information about proper WA and Puppet management you're invited to jump right in to our operations. Yep we throw you right in! But relax we walk you through it step by step. And from this you'll learn our command speak. And learn what to do when given said commands. However the most important thing is continued participation to hone the skill.

What was the most important lesson you learned as you got settled in the NPA?

Mistakes happen so don't beat yourself up. Everyone has had a bad op. It's important not to get frustrated and keep at it.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new cadet, what would it be?

Ask for help if you need it. We're more than happy to talk to you through something you're confused with. Remember every officer has been in your shoes once.

What did you find was the most enjoyable part of R/Ding?

The 'hit' (taking delegacy) is always the most exciting part. It's like opening a Christmas present.

On the road to becoming a general, every NPA soldier must undergo their officer test. Can you recount your experience?

Gladio DM'd me about taking the test one day but I was extremely nervous about it. So he let me take it via Discord DM. My target was a tag on Nerdlandia. We hit on my first trigger. It's remains one of my favorite achievements in NationStates. I even refounded the region after it died.

You became Minister of Defense for the first time in 2017. Why do you think you were chosen for the role?

In my opinion the options were slim with Malphe leaving and Gladio on the SC. And being at the time one of the few active officers with High Command experience I believe that factored in.

Can you discuss your leadership style in the office?

I tried to be a mentor. I donít know if I succeeded or not lol. When taking over I wanted to be the MoD that Gladio was for me. If anything I hope during my term as MoD that I was helpful and successfully taught at least a few soldiers.

What do you see as the future of the NPA?

I see the NPA continuing to be one of the more active militaries in gameplay for both raiding and defending.

What has given you your greatest sense of pride when watching the NPA of today? Is there anyone in particular that you had a hand in training someone you took under your wing thatís gone on to greater things?

The officer corp as a whole works together to mentor. I couldn't take sole credit for any one person's training. And this I'm proud of. The NPA community doesn't let anyone struggle on their own. If a recruit is confused about anything, someone with experience is right there ready to assist.

What do you believe your legacy is to the NPA?

"That nerd who raids".

Probably, depends who you ask. DON'T ask Aerilia or Snek. Their opinion is invalid.

Zazumo calls you to serve!

If your nation is included in the list below, you have been called to serve in the NPA by General Zazumo!*

*Note: joining the NPA is optional (but encouraged!) :D

1 very fast endotarter, 21st Century Greece, 2 and 2 is Fish, 2nd Confederacy of Independent Systems, 5 kingdoms of Britannia, Abalama, Abiswashyo-bhumi, Abject Ludicrosity, Acrabinnia, Adanus, Adehgord, Advancia-Sizzletown, Aearyeae, Aenglaland, Aeolist, Aerilia, Aetulia, Aeurithianar, Aezus, AGoodPlace, Agracia, Agratele, Airsonn, Ajibola, AJTON, Alamei, Alayon new republic, Alessandretta, Alice Gardens, Alluviana, Almersville, Alpinea, Alromania, Altivia, Altmeros, Altmorastad, Alunya, Alusten, Alyssaongbaobei, Alzopia, Amamiya, Amauri, Amblegreserland, Amderlask, Amerian States, Americae Roma, Amestris-Britannia, Anarcho-communist liverpool, Anarchic megamind caliphate, Andacantra, Andolphia, Andonia, Angbad, Anghiera, Anglia-australis, Angshire, Angwayster, Anna airters, Anne Hathaway, Antef, Antineum, Antiyard, Anungu, Aquatostan, Aque weandy, Aratani, Arborium, Arctiskva, Arimbia, Ardriak, Arlens Apartment, Armentium, Arquadea, Aroa, Arquan, Arson, Arstungry, Arvedia, Ascenon, Arzenoa, Asgardira, Ash hel, Asintion, Asthea, Astrind, Astronomical, Asyllum, Atain, Ataraxia Somnia, Ateala, Atheenos, Atlentiania, Atrito, Augustovian, Ausnakulia, Auspelia, Austerealia, Austral States of America, Australente, Ausveria, Avemterra, Avutochi, Axuva, Aylwater, Aztecopia, Azzadoni, Azzarel, Babacar, Baconpants, Bakiand, Baldova, Balduron, Balzaria, Banabistan, Bananaaaaa, Bangtan sonyeondan suga, Basarir, Battesaia, Bawrai, Bax-landia, Bearical, Bechnunland, Belamyra, Benitiand, Beta Cyndriel, Bhrat, Bicentennia, Bidragistan, Binholand, Bintangland, Birgalon, Black templares, Blackphir, Bojacks and jills, Bongoni, Bonjoura, Borgarlia, Boscoo, Bosnie, Boston is a good band, Boyne Thee, Braghz, Brainiac bonebros, Brandenburg-Ansbach, Brannaland, Breduria, Brendownia, Brettenia, Brevada, Brexit nation 1, BrightFutures, Bringus ka zingus, Britain v3, British Anatherrinia, British Bayonet, British lorlanniatopia, British pacific islands, Bruhlonia, Brysto, Bublin, Buckerino, BuDa, Bunny rabbit valley, Burlingtonland, Buschgardensburg, Butthurtius, Bylake, Cairnben, Calamazo, California but Worse, Camdycane fruitsnack, Cape Flower, Carici, Carmine sisterhood, Casiato, Casom, Castle Federation, Catierro, Ceansint, Central Ryal, Centromuria, Chadinton, Changjo, Chatheatinamopia, Chaverpsed, Chazagha, Chedonia, Chekrand, Children of the anarch, Choirland, Choistan, Chopia, Chres Funtederd, Chrikal, Chukstik Illahi, Cinnibar, Clan barrnary, Clan Spaniel, Cloydicia, Cobleck weleis, Cobrallstain, Coca cola as, Colellonia, Competitive Solitaire, Confederation of Independent Colonies, Conservative State of Poland, Constantinolia, Constantym, Contani, Cool game nation, Cor vordula, Corfad, Cors Evia, Crostovian, Crus carthess, Crystal Lunars, Crystalline Beekeepers United, Cyberspacea, Cyor, Czechochechnyoslovenovakia,

Zazumo convinced me! How do I join the NPA?

You can join the NPA Linkhere or contact Minister of Defence Trondstorm if you have any questions!