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The Double Dactyl

Style: "The Double Dactyl" (popularly called "Higgledy-Piggledy")

Subject: A famous person or event from your NationStates nation

The format of the double dactyl sounds complicated, but is actually quite straightforward - you'll recognize the sing-songy rhythm immediately when you hear it, and it actually reflects a fairly natural way of speaking.

- The poem consists of 8 lines, divided in to two quatrains.
- The first three lines of each quatrain have 6 syllables each, in the format DA-da-da-DA-da-da
- The final line of each quatrain has 4 syllables in the format DA-da-da-DA. These lines must rhyme with each other (and are the only rhymes required)

- The very first line of the poem is nonsense words, often "Higgledy-piggledy" (hence the popular name of this style)
- The second line of the poem is the name or description of your subject
- Bonus points if you can use a single six-syllable word for one of the lines. Traditionally this would be the sixth line, but any line works.

For example, the modern nation of Verdant Haven was established largely thanks to the efforts of rebel commander Iskander Viridi, who became our first president. A verse about him might be as follows:

Iskander Viridi
Founded a nation with
Fire and flame

Though one might find it all
School-children now sing of
Peace in his name


If you're looking for inspiration, here's a small webpage with some Linkamusing modern examples.

If you're looking for a bit of assistance finding six syllable double-dactyl words, here is a Linkuseful list of suitable ones.