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Europeia's Weekly Spotlight - What Is The Best Meme

What is the Best Meme? Part 1

"If anyone is tallying this, and I know your not, cuz why would you torture yourself like that?" - Calvin Coolidge

As I'm sure many of you listened, Sopo and Calvin did a Meme Review on LinkEBC Radio yesterday. Thus naturally, I listened carefully and tallied all the results of the review so far.

As you can see above Calvin was evidently the highest rated memer, though the first part of this broadcast and his fellow judge Sopo gave him quite good scores on his memes. Of note third place memer Le Libertie only posted a single, evidently good meme. In contrast, Cool Spring posted 7 memes which virtually were all poorly received comes in second to last. Rand sits the the end of the chart as his one meme has been eaten by the void and is no longer viewable. In total all the memes had an average rating of 5.15 which falls suitably close to what should be the average on a 1-10 scale.

As you can see above myself, Kari, Aex and Sopo are all tied for the most memes though this first half of the review at 14. Bowzin, the creator of the thread trails behind at 11, while a lot of people have only one.

Top 5 Worst Memes:

1) LinkCool Spring This one comes in at the lowest rating for a meme at 0, as Sopo gave it a -1 for having nothing at all to do with Europeia, whilst Calvin gave it a 1. We here at the ERI would additionally like to note that it is not even a good regular meme as is thus perhaps deserving of this uncoveted title.[/url]

2) LinkCool Spring With a average rating of 1 this meme is also bad simply because it is not amusing.

3) LinkGraVandius It is with great shame that my meme is on this list. It also came it at an average rating of 1. I'll admit that following the success of the simplistic Aex meme I tried it again on the punchwood controversy. It was an attempted reference to the "and the results say" type line featured on the Maury show but was'nt that well thought out or presented.

4) LinkCool Spring This one came in with an average rating of a 2 and continues Cool Spring's unfortunate streak of sh!t memes.

5) LinkAex This meme comes in 5th worst here with an average rating of 2.25. Calvin and Sopo derided it for being hyperspecific to a ultimately entirely forgettable incident, in which a now evaporated member complained about being removed from a Ministry Aex was leading for not being active enough.

[size=150Top 5 Best Memes:[/size]

1) LinkSopo Calvin lauded this meme as timeless, and thus gave it the highest rating of a 9. It does truly capture eternal fixtures of our regional life, Lethen approving citizenships and newcomers being confused.

2) LinkLethen This meme received and Average rating of an 8.5 as Calvin again awarded a 9. It was lauded for its spiciness in targeting crossword puzzle Rach and also subtly Johnny Costello.

3) LinkLethen[/] Another timely, Lethen burn directed at "43 Down is 'Banned'" Rach that also is delightfully spicy. It received a score of an 8.

4) [url=]Sopo A reference to the eternal Jorts meme places him in 4th. It refers to an incident where Sopo broke into the founders study by correctly guessing the password was Jorts. The original thread is Linkhere.

5) LinkSopo Yet another Sopo meme rounds out the list at 5th with a rating of 8.

We here at the ERI are looking forward to part II so I can waste more of my work day doing pointless statistics exercises!