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Radio Stations of the Democratic Socialist Assembly

The Radio Stations of the Democratic Socialist Assembly
Radio stations in the Democratic Socialist Assembly are simple playlists, devoted to certain genres.
Any resident may compose a playlist, and after thoughtful review, can have said playlist sanctioned as a legal telecommunications entity within the region.

List of Radio Stations in the Democratic Socialist Assembly
Debtian Spook Network- 98.2 DDSN - rock, electro, house, pop, folk, indie, a halloween-based station hosted in Student Loan Debt

Yeet the Rich Radio - a large variety of genres on a leftist music station hosted in United Syndicates of Sol

LinkOldies but Goodies 104.3 FM - Oldie songs from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's, station hosted in Osreton

LinkClassic Country 98.1 FM - A variety of classic country, station hosted in Osreton

LinkRadio Džumhur Vakuf 90.20 FM - Radio Station in Džumhur Vakuf playing only local Leouschburghian songs, mainly folk music.

Want to Submit a Playlist?

Just send either the Councilor of Role Play or Student Loan Debt your playlist. Give it a cool radio station name like "The Jazz Hour" or "Radio [city the station is located in]" or anything, really. Then give us a short description of what types of music are in your playlist.

As an option, you can even go further by choosing a Calling Sign, like "KTRX" or "WRAP", as examples of ideas. And you can choose what frequency it is on. Just make sure the number hasn't already been chosen.