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The Thalassian Baseball Season! A Sports RP

Announcement of the Thalassian Baseball Season!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the inaugural Sports RP in our region! I am proud and excited to announce that the first sport we will be playing will be the classic game of Baseball! For those uninitiated with the sport the rules are simple to grasp and a complete basic guide to the rules of Baseball can be found Linkhere!

But for the purposes of this RP you won't need a deep understanding of the sport. The way this RP will work is simple: first you apply to join the RP. It is a simple process where you telegram me, Arenado, the filled out application form below.

Nation name:
Team name:
Stadium name:
Other information:

Your team names does not have to to be the same as your nation name, you can use a city in your nation for your team name if you wish (Like having your team be the Everytown Examples instead of the Randomnation Randys). You are also welcome to include any other information you wish about your team as well, the players you have, the manager of the team, culture of your fans, anything you like! I also strongly encourage all players to create a factbook about their team and to send them to me!

Once you apply you will be assigned to either the Thalassian League or the Regional League (there is no significant difference, don't worry!). After a week of applications the season will begin and I will be posting results of the games every 2, 3 or 4 days (depending on how many teams we get). Every team in a League will play each other 4 times at their home stadium (so 4 games at yours and 4 games at theirs), every team in the opposite League will play 2 games at their home stadium against each team in your League (same rules, 2 at your stadium and 2 at theirs). I will be using a sports simulator named xkoranate to simulate the games. To simulate the strength of the teams I will be using a random number generator to determine the skill of the team between each post (to simulate hot streaks and cold streaks) within a scale to ensure competitive balance. Don't worry, every team will have a chance at the post season!

Speaking of the post season, after all regular season games are played the best teams from each league (how many will be determined by how many teams we get) will face off in the post season, playing a series of games to find the best team in each League. The best team from each League will face off in the Thalassian Regional Series, a 7 game series to determine which team is the best in Thalassian Baseball!

It has come to my attention that the prize section of this RP may be in violation of the on-site rules for NationStates. As such I have removed that part of the RP, unfortunately.

The rules of this RP are simple. First, no excessive vulgarities, swearing or offensive conduct (things like 'damn it' or the like are ok but keep it PG-13), no unsportsmanlike behaviour (I don't want to see hostile arguments between people are games) and no attempting to influence or cheat in this RP. Basically, be courteous and friendly to each other, please.

With regards to RP posts, you may RP the games as you like (or RP the most exciting game in a series). If you wish to post solely on the RMB I ask that you keep it relatively short so that the RMB page is not clogged up. If you want a longer post feel free to make a dispatch and post the link the the RMB. For RMB posts and when you link a dispatch on the RMB remember to label your post as RP on the top and don't forget to mention me, Arenado, in the post so I can keep track of the RP posts.

If anyone has any questions feel free to telegram me or to shoot me a message on either the RMB or Discord with your questions and I will do my utmost to answer them! The application period will last for a week (but may be extended as needed). I hope everyone has fun and best of luck in the Thalassian Baseball Season!

The Kingdom of Arenado