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by The Shadow Sokovia Union of Shadow Dealer. . 236 reads.

Misadventures of North Pacific

Description:the shadow terror group trying to get new members to join the terrorist shadow group decide to target the young and begin making propaganda cartoons some of the episodes are down below
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Double Trouble
Description: Aerilia keeps on finding his unicorns getting caught by the pest control and decides to spy on his neighbors to see who keeps calling pest control, he first catches Wing Dings Gaster calling the pest control and attacks him (but it ended up that he was calling the pizza man), he then attacked Balaslandia thinking it was him (but he was calling his friend), he then catches a old lady who then calls 911 (Aerilia manages to escape and sees Zazumo calling pest control on his unicorns)
While they begin to attacking (pranking) each other for three minutes when a lottery man appears saying Aerilia won the lottery and Zazumo and Aerilia pretend to be the lottery winner, the lottery man confused says he was a officer and arrests them both the episode ends abruptly

Traumatic Tonic
Desctiption:it is national picnic day(because McMasterdonia ban rum after a drinking incident) when the picnic begins Loli County crashes her car (because. Nimarya put fudge in front of the car) into the picnic causing everyone to cheer and go back home, when Territorio di Nessuno comes to the picnic late and becomes into a giant Your boss sneks and begins creating havoc in The North Pacific
And since Zazumo was the general he decided to send in only one troop to figth Territorio di Nessuno (the only one troop was Aerilia), Territorio di Nessuno decide to eat them both, McMasterdonia declared a national emergency, for the next 4 minutes shows everyone escaping from Territorio di Nessuno in the end Dakota Territories builds a slingshoot and shoots everyone out of the north pacific, when everyone leaves the rum behind McMasterdonia and Territorio di Nessuno grab the rums and cheer ending the episode
Train Problems