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Sonindia Anti-Raider Armed Forces



Our Seal

Our Purpose:

Raiders are scourges upon this world, the most dangerous and awe-striking evil in nationStates. They destroy regions that many people call home, and kill the longest bonds of friendship. They destroy others regions, and communities, shattering things that took years of building. We fight back, by sending our own soldiers to hold the regional governments together by mass-endorsing their Delegate to prevent a raider supported Delegate from seizing control or one of our own to restore a region.

When an order is sent out, it is announced on the SAAF Discord. Missions take place around update times, 12 AM and PM EST.

In order to join SAAF, all you have to do is join our SAAF Discord, then you will be added to our soldiers list. You could also serve in the Intelligence Corps, headed by our very own Grand Termina and Sho Mak Lan!

The job and the role of the SAAF, and defenders generally, can best be summed up though an excellent quote by Xanthal after a mission in SPACE:

Content of Quote was not edited, though certain parts were bolded, the author changed to the person who controlled the puppet from the puppet itself, and given nation tags.

Xanthal wrote:Greetings from SPACE.

The Defender mission is a difficult one. The realities of R&D are cold. You will be always on the back foot, always reacting. Often you will be too few, or too late, or too limited in your power to accomplish your goals. You will face ambivalence from the ones you are trying to protect; natives have their own affairs and defenders are often little more welcome than raiders- a lesser evil which serve as an expedient means, the end once achieved rendering them still only outsiders. In the face of this adversity you will be tempted to place your judgment, your will above that of those you claim to serve. Never forget that the power to protect and the power to oppress are the same. To defend you must rise above these things- above frustration, ingratitude, and hubris.

Your names will not be printed in the WFE, your flag will not be planted in the region's soil, and the Delegacy will not be yours to claim; those are a raider's rewards. Your lot is noble, but poor. The fruits of success will go to others, and when you fail it is you who will bear the brunt of mockery and ridicule. I have watched the game play out hundreds of times over the greater part of two decades and I have no words of inspiration for you. Only raiders can win in this war- a defender can keep them from winning one region, one update at a time, but there will always be the next region, the next update, and the next, forever.

If not inspiration, then advice from a native who has seen many defenders come and go. There is no such thing as a happy ending, only a happy moment: one region saved for another twelve hours. Your victories will be fleeting while the consequences of a defeat- and there will be many defeats- may last forever. As a defender you must learn to savor those moments of victory, and to be fulfilled by the good fortune of others. You must embrace your limits- the limits placed upon you by the nature of the game and the limits you place upon yourself in the name of honor. Those who cannot will soon retire, or become that which they once thought to fight against.