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The Praesidium

Viziers are an important branch of the government of The East Pacific. Their main goals are: protect the region from a hostile Delegate, accumulate as much influence and as many endorsements as possible, and to serve as a strong bulwark for our region, its way of life, and the government.

Everyone, please endorse your Viziers:

Article D of the Concordat gives the Viziers their powers:

Article D:

Section 1) This Concordat does hereby invest the power of regional defense to the Viziers.

Section 2) The Viziers shall be charged with removing from power any Delegate removed by the Magisterium or any individual that has illegally seized the Delegacy.

Section 3) The Viziers may temporarily remove the Delegate if the majority of Viziers believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the Delegate has acted to destroy this Concordat. This temporary removal must be confirmed within seventy-two hours by a 2/3 vote of the Magisterium or a decision by the Conclave. If the temporary removal by the Viziers is not confirmed, the delegate must be reinstated. If the temporary removal is confirmed, the Magisterium shall determine if the removal is permanent as required by Article B, Section 12. If the Magisterium does not remove the delegate, the delegate shall be reinstated.

Section 4) Upon confirmation of a temporary removal under Article D, Section 3, the Vizier which replaces the Delegate shall become Acting Delegate for the remainder of the temporary removal, or until another Vizier is chosen as Acting Delegate by the Magsiterium.

If you have any questions regarding the Viziers or their roles, do not hesitate to contact any of the nations listed in this Dispatch!

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