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IFV - Commend Kindjal

Commend Kindjal

The Security Council,

Recognizing Kindjal, a definitively utopic nation, to align suitably with the opinions of the World Assembly, which includes laudable international involvement, as well as practically-managed domestic policy,

Flattered by Kindjal’s internationally-beneficial foreign policy, which outlaws weapons of mass destruction, supports research into a space program, and spends the 9th-most in the world on foreign aid,

In agreement with Kindjal’s educated democratic system, which encourages free speech, devolutes management to local authorities in order to target each community specifically, and mandates each citizen’s vote be treated equally, rather than resorting to electoral colleges,

Acclaiming Kindjal’s spectacular services it provides for its billions of citizens, which consists of:

A public universal healthcare system (ranked 29th in the world), having an adequate ability to prevent treatment, a basic necessity to life, from causing financial ruin; a capacity to mitigate or even eradicate the effects of both common maladies and obscure diseases; and readiness when faced by emergency- this system has allowed Kindjal to have incredible general health among the citizenry (5th in world), and a lifespan of over a century (2nd),

A vitally-important public education system, which, being the top priority of the government expenditure, invests in Kindjali childrens’ future, teaching them of Kindjali culture, values, and life knowledge such as sex education, and has allowed Kindjal to maintain a highly intelligent population (3rd in world),

A safe, public transport alternative to dangerous automobiles which nearly eliminates cursing when commuting to work, and makes people happier and safer,

Proud of Kindjal’s rehabilitative law enforcement structure, which, having enforced a widespread demilitarized population, has nearly eradicated murder, and choking toddlers,

Impressed by Kindjal's AI-run economy, which has spurred the nation into becoming highly honest and unlikely to foster bribery or corruption,

Pleased by Kindjal's inclusiveness (2nd in world), which celebrates freedom to choose to marry those of the same sex as them, and encourages a heterogeneous population,

Documenting its other genial characteristics, such as a compassionate (1st in world), and nice (1st in world) population,

Closely Observing a beautiful environment in Kindjal, first in the world for not only its stunningness but also its satisfyingly sunny weather, cultivated by the governments eco-friendly policies, such as banning animal imprisonment, investing in a detailed climate change prevention program, and spending trillions of kins (currency of Kindjal) on maintaining a stunning ecosystem,

Jealous of the tens of millions of tourists (Kindjal is 1st in the world for tourism) that frequent the culturally significant nation yearly, as Kindjal maintains an educated and refined society,

Aware that achieving these legendary feats is no easy task, as it takes years of carefully refining a nation’s decisions and policies, and mistakes in a radically-utopic nation lead to radically destructive consequences,

Lauding Kindjal as a shining example to the world of being led with tenacity, determination, resolve, intelligence, activity, and persistence, even through the most detrimental of poor choices,

Hereby resolutely commends Kindjal.

Our recommendation,


The Council of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote FOR this Resolution. Although Kindjal has not contributed much in the international arena, for over a decade the nation has shined as a beacon of light throughout the world. Its high rankings in categories like Niceness, Compassion, and Inclusiveness (which are notoriously difficult statistics to improve) have inspired countless nations to live up to its example. While it is a nontraditional commendation, for the example it has set and its dedication to the game we all share, Kindjal is more than deserving. However, it should be noted that some of our allies in WALL disagree.

Category: Commendation

Target: Kindjal

Proposed by: Bormiar

Europeian citizens can vote on this Resolution by clicking Linkhere.