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Epic Startup Program

TL;DR: Get a headstart on your card trading career!

What is this?

Building up your card collection takes time. The North Pacific Cards Guild is running the Epic Startup Program to help new nations in The North Pacific and active in the cards trading game get a head-start in creating the deck of their dreams.

How does this work?

Each day, we randomly select two nations that meet the following criteria:

  • They reside in The North Pacific.

  • They were founded no more than three days prior.

  • They have been active in the trading cards game (e.g., opened packs, bought or sold cards).

The selected nations then receive one epic card each as a gift.

Which cards can I win?

The epic cards to be gifted are randomly selected from among all random cards in the decks of nations Card Farmer 1 to Card farmer 1500. These are nations operated by the government of The North Pacific.

I won! What can I do with this epic card?

Congratulations! Here are a few suggestions on how to use this epic card:

  • Junk it and get 0.50 bank.

  • Keep it for the deck value it will give you as you begin your climb up the leaderboards.

  • Sell it on the market and see if you can get some more bank for it.

What else can I do to boost my card trading game?

As you are in The North Pacific, there are a number of things you can take advantage of to help build your collection:

Who has previously won cards through the Epic Startup Program?

Below is a list of all previous winners, along with the epic cards they received.




What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Minister of Culture Prydania or Guildmaster Praeceps. They would be happy to help!

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