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Ukrite Floraels

The Republic of Ukrgo


The Ukrite Florael was the currency of the Republic of Ukrgo from 1920 to 2020 where it was soon after switched out for the Aurorian Union sponsored Aurum, the now common currency within the republic. The florael had seen many redesigns with its most recent before the switch being in 1989 where the standard 6 bills were designed with people, monuments and buildings along with a limited edition "collectors" 100 Florael bill to commemorate Ukrgo's 100th Birthday / Ukrite Day along with the end of the Florael as the currency of the Republic.

Florael Note


Further Info

President Harrison Marsh

Harrison Marsh was the first Elected President of the Republic of Ukrgo from
1920 to 1930 for the Free Republican Party, he is often considered the father of
Ukrgo Democracy and helped establish the foundations of the country today.

General Dominic Quinn

General Dominic Quinn, the leader of the Democratic Alignment Faction (DAF)
during the Ukrite Civil War was the de facto leader of all Democratic Rebels
in the then Kingdom and successfully lead the charge against the Monarchy.

Martyr Ronan Kennedy

Ronan Kennedy, also known as the Martyr of Democracy was an important
advocate for Democracy within Ukrgo until his execution for "treason" by
the King's Government in 1919 that led to the start of the Civil War.

The Navigator

Frankie Rose's statue of The Navigator became a staple mark of Northern Ukrgo,
as High Ukrite legends tell of a giant that guided them to Ukrgo through the tall
mountains that look over North Ukrgo.

The Good King's Tomb

The Good King's Tomb or the Tomb of Isaac II was built in 1911 by the royal
government to commemorate the most loved King in Ukrgo history after his passing
The current Gov. holds a ceremony every year regarding the passage of Isaac II.

St. Lawrence's Church

St. Lawrence's Church is the most well known Courantist church in Ukrgo and is the
representative of the Courantist faith in the Republic. Along with the tradition that every
President go there and receive a blessing after coronation

St. Lawrence's Church

The special edition 100 Florael bill that was produced during September of 2020 is an
in-color photo of St. Lawrence's Church. While technically in circulation, it has become
more of a collectors item due to its limited production and special status.