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Federal Republic of Armandlandia Armaments: Special Tactics And Rescue Squad

The Special Tactics And Rescue Squad is an elite group apart of the Armandlandian Police Force, and the National Defense Pact (NDP). STARS main priority is the safety of the citizens, and the government by any means. The squadron is commanded by the local police, however it can be federalized under FRAS:30.06;Federalization of Local Authorities.
Standard-issued long weapons:
Heckler & Koch 416A5 Automatic Assault Rifle:

5.56 NATO
850 rounds/minute
German made

Heckler & Koch 417A1 Designated Marksman Rifle:

7.62 NATO
800 meter range
German made

QBS-09 Semi-automatic Shotgun:

12 Gauge
30-50 Meters
Chinese made

Kriss Vector Submachine Gun:

.45 ACP
1,200 Rounds/minute
USA made

Standard-issue Small Arms:
MP-443 Grach:

450 meters/second
Russian made

FN Five-seven:

1,510 meter range
Belgian made

Non-lethal Armaments:
M84 Stun Grenade

USA made

Paulson Heavy BS 9 Riot Shield

USA made