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IFV - Interference-Causing Equipment Standards Act

Interference-Causing Equipment Standards Act

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging the importance of interference-free electronic communications, especially in relation to the use of personal digital devices,

Aware that signal leakage and other badly contained electromagnetic emissions may damage critical infrastructure such as transportation and network systems,

Cognizant that improperly shielded devices may malfunction badly enough to inflict catastrophic damage upon such systems and networks, and

Seeking to define standards for digital devices which may interfere with other devices, in order to prevent damage or severe disruption of critical infrastructure due to such interference,


Defines, for the purposes of this resolution:

A digital device as an electronic device that can receive, store, process, create or send digital information,

Electronic communications as the transmission and detection of communication signals and other such information, in the form of electromagnetic waves, to initiate technological functions remotely or to enable direct communication between two or more electronic transmitters or receivers, and

An interference-causing device as a device that causes, or is capable of causing, interference to electronic communications,

Enacts the following provisions regarding interfering-causing devices and electronic communication devices:

Interference-causing devices emitting a given frequency must not exceed a corresponding electromagnetic field strength value,

Interference-causing devices must not significantly interfere with radiocommunications of digital devices or essential machinery,

All interference-causing devices that have the potential to expose other devices or machinery to interference levels which can damage them or inhibit their use must be sufficiently shielded against such excessive levels of interference, and

All digital devices covered under the provisions of this resolution must be sufficiently shielded against potential excessive levels of interference from interference-causing devices,

Forbids the import, export, and distribution of interference-causing devices that violate Article 2 within and between member states,

Prohibits the usage of such non-compliant devices, where they are neither:

Intended for use by member state military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, space agencies, or scientific research projects and organizations that have the approval of the state they operate in, nor

"Denial-of-service devices," or devices intended to prevent cellular and wireless network communication in public settings, when deployed by any entity and authorized for use by the state that said entity operates in, and

Encourages member states to establish further technical standards for digital devices in the spirit of this resolution.

Co-authored by Tinhampton

Our recommendation,


The resolution calls for standards on all electronic devices, specifically those that are interference type devices. Calling for standards on allowed discharge values on electronic devices. Also calling for the preventing the transferring of illegal devices that are breaking standards, intentional or otherwise. The resolution also creates the agreement for non-usage of devices intending harm, both military and civilian.

Category: Regulation

Area of Effect: Safety

Proposed by: Greater Cesnica

IFV by: Municipal of Indiana

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