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Jin Liuxian, Prime Minister

Jin Liuxian

Portrait of Liuxian

Prime Minister of Xeiwei

In office: May 13, 2018

Preceded by: Xiao Bai Wei

Spokesman of Homeland Party

In office: July 29, 2016

Preceded by: Chun Li

Personal Details


Jin Shizi Liuxian
12.03.1997 (age 23)
Qingcheng, Xeiwei


Xeiwen (Han Chinese)

Political Party:

Homeland Party


Wuxiang Palace


Jin Waizowa
Ho Ying Lei


Hu Xuefeng


Hu Sai Lin, Hu Won Hui


Beixing State University
- Degree in Political Science




"All of our people are the roots of a tree, without their support, we will eventually fall"
- Jin Liuxian, in XEPO 2019

Jin Liuxian (Mandarin: 金六贤, Japanese: ジン・リュー・シアン) is a Xeiwen lawyer, politician and the Prime Minister of Xeiwei since 2018. Born in 1997 in a small city named Qingchang, in Xiachin Province, to a comedian mother and a househusband father. He is best known for his series of three books "Birth", "Rise" and "Death", which were about the 30's to 80's politics of Xeiwei. He is also known to be the youngest male prime minister, and the third youngest after Liang Xi Jin (20) and Da Cheng Ren (18). Being a young leader, Liuxian was still in university when he was a party spokesperson and graduated in the year he was elected as the prime minister.

Early Life

Jin Liuxian was born in May 13th, 1997 in Qingchang, Hangzou State Hospital. His parents are Jin Waizowa and Ho Ying Lei. He started his education in a small town school of Lujie Elementary at the age of 5. Being a gifted student, he finished elementary school with a Zangpei (honor certificate, given to top 3 best students of the school). After his graduation in elementary school, his family moved to the Xiancai City from their town due to his mother finding a job as a professional stand-up comedian in a famous TV program. He continued his education in Haiwan Middle School in Northern Xiancai and focused on the major of Law. He continued his major in high school and university as well.

Rise in Politics

While he was in the high school in his third year, he joined the Homeland Party Youth Branch. He was an active member and joined all meetings without missing any as said in his book. He quickly rose in party after he was endorsed by the parties former spokesperson Wu Zheng. After graduating from high school, he became a member of the main branch and continued to rise up as well. In 2016 Party Elections, he was elected as the chairman with %73 of the votes. He then became a famous politician in result of media coverage of his ideas, ideals and proposals. He was best known for his one particular quote, which is "Freedom is our destiny, Xeiwei is our home." (自由是我们的命运,白浪是我们的家。). The quote was later used for his election campaign. In 2020 elections, he won elections by %43 of the votes and officially became PM in February 14, one day after the elections.


Liuxian is in office since February 2020, and he is one of the most supported politicians on Xeiwei. His ideas are criticized as "unrealistic", "intolerant" or "Utopian" by the opposition, yet he is receiving positive feedbacks from general public. His election made news outlets speaking in favor of him, creating a positive general opinion.


  • Immigration and Emigration Law
    Xeiwei will restrict it's borders to several nations' citizens. Citizenship will require A1 Level Mandarin, no criminal record, no debt over 1 Million. Immigrants will have to give up from their citizenship in order to get Xeiwen citizenship. Kids from non-Xeiwen background will not get citizenship until they have the citizenship tests on their 17's. Before 17, they will have a type of residency called "Youxian Jumin (有限居民)", which will take away their rights to get passports, driver's licenses and buy properties. (usually the minimum age to own properties is 16.) Xeiwen living abroad will lose their right to vote after the first year of their emigration.

  • Wage Equality
    It will be illegal to pay someone lesser than other employees working in the same position because of their sex, race, sexuality or/and sexual identity. It will go from fines to closing the business. Yet, it is still legal to discriminate people by their religion, state encourages businesses to not employ muslims.

  • Usage of Fossil Fuels
    Usage of fossil fuels will be banned nationwide, leading it use of green energy only.

For & Against

  • For: Social Liberalism, Civil Rights, Political Freedom, Gender Equality, Pro-Choice, Pro-Safety, Pro-Welfare, Low Taxes, Small Government, Universal Healthcare, LGBTQA+, Assimilation, Nationalism, Environmentalist Movement

  • Against: Islam, Authoritarianism, Patriarchy/Matriarchy, Pro-Life, Pro-Guns, High Taxes, Sharia Law, Chauvinism, Multiculturalism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Wild Capitalism, Sexism

Personal Information

Liuxian is now living in the presidential residence of Wuxiang Palace in Qinxiang, near the Forest of Zhenglin, with his family; his husband Hu Xuefeng, who is a famous voice actor, celebrity and animator and their 4 year old twins Hu Sai Lin and Hu Won Hui. Their sons were carried by an anonymous surrogate mother, and were born in 2016. Liuxian is very secretive about his personal issues to the public, giving little to no information about his life.

Personal Trivia

  • Liuxian is the first president who has dyslexia. He is also the second president alive who has a disability to read and write, if not limited with dyslexia only.

  • He have been attacked once in a speech by Muslim group called "Aitihad Al'iikhwan Almuslimin" (Muslim Brotherhood Union) in Chonggua, who were made of 540 Uyghur Turkmen terrorists. The Union later was reported to be caught and the members were sentenced to death according to national news outlets. There is still a scar remaining on his abdomen.

  • President has a wage of 1,200,000 monthly averagely (14,400,400 yearly). His sign is Pisces, his measurements are 1.92 (6'3") and 70 kg. He can speak Thai, Mandarin, English and Japanese.