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Weekly Update

Weekly Update

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(Europeia, March 22nd, 2020) -
This week in Europeia saw the conclusion of the Senate election, the Ministry of Research and Development finally moving forward, the end of the ovation of Kuramia, an exciting court case for an advisory opinion regarding administrative oversight in communications platforms, and the Europeian Broadcast Corporation (EBC) publishing a number of articles.

On March 21, the 73rd Senate was voted in successfully. Alongside this vote came the decision of how many seats the Senate would have, with nine eking out a win at the last minute of voting. The following won seats in the 73rd Senate: Lloenflys, Prim, Sopo, Deepest House, Darcness, Calvin Coolidge, Olde Delaware TheNationofthePeople, and Rotasu. Immediately after becoming elected, the Senate held a vote for Speaker. Lloenflys, who was the Speaker last term, was unanimously voted Speaker for this term as well. He appointed Prim his Deputy Speaker.

The first task for the incoming Senate will possibly be linked to a requested advisory opinion by United Vietussia. A member of a new political party called YES, United Vietussia stated that General Attorney Prim informed the party that, since they had created a Discord server for their party, it must therefore grant Lead Administrator HEM access. Upon inspecting the Administration and Organization Acts, United Vietussia argued that since political parties, as part of an organization, are not considered government entities, the Administration Act is not valid. The court case is ongoing as it collects facts from each party involved. United Vietussia has also stated that he is not attempting to argue against such oversight, but instead point out a flaw in the law that the Senate can then rectify.

First Minister Dax has addressed the lack of activity from the Ministry of Research and Development following Minister GraVandius losing citizenship for not having a nation in the region. Folding the ministry into the Ministry of Interior, Minister Calvin Coolidge has appointed McEntire as Deputy of Telegram Research. Collecting data and interpreting where it concerns recruitment telegrams it was the original intent of the ministry, but the lack of output was concerning and questioned during former First Minister Sopo and First Minister Dax's term. The Senate has opened up questions as to the further development of the intended work in their oversight thread.

March 22 is the last day for Kurastock, celebrating the ovation of Kuramia. At 2 p.m. EDT a radio show interviewed Kuramia, covering her thoughts on the event and asking questions pertaining to her interests and time in Europeia. The event has included several speeches as well.

The EBC has released several articles this week. Of notable interest is a piece by First Minister Dax addressing the region since her coming into the position, McEntire coming back to the region after a long absence to awe all with a Senate poll with stunning graphics, an interview with The West Pacific ambassador to the region Giovanniland, and a summary of the Senate's work from the last term from PabstOverdrive and Senate Speaker Lloenflys. Each of the articles can be read below.

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