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The Vessels of the Temple Chapter 1: 1-15

(First 3 sentences from the Knights of Marrabuk)

1. Marrabuk said to Lerasi saying: 2: Erect for me tem-ple in my honor, and honor me with the name The Knights Who Say Neigh. 3: Not just you shall honor me, but all who wants to can join, and they will be great-ly rewarded. 4. And Lerasi came~ be-fore a small hill, no more than a mile long, and saw a ~shine com-ing from ~it and chose that area as the spot that the tem-ple will be built on. 5. So the sun set on that hill, and Ler~asi was sleeping. 6: In a dream, the Horse came, and to all the mem-bers did he come, and told Ler~asi as follows: 7: Yes, here is the glowing place that I want ~you and ~them to build~, a place where each member shall have comfort. 8: So they~ woke~ ~up and they built. 9: A front wall was made, and it was made with wood of stone~, copper and iron, gold and sil-ver, and ~tin and titan~ium, all members with a sec-tion in it. 10: And the wall had 30 windows, 15 doors, and 31 lamps, with a lamp above each window, and a door in~ bet-ween them. 11: The door in the middle had two openings, and had a lamp above each one. 12: On top of the wall ~there is a mar-ble rail and it is guard~ing floor of granite which at the end were two towers. 13: This was the place the guards of the Horse would stand, and we call them: the ~Knights of ~Marrabuk. 14: The same~ was done for the o-ther four walls, and the doors led to a tremendous courtyard. 15: So it was, and the peo-ple did all that Marrabuk told them.