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Thoughts about Astoria - part 2






Give the AN a dose of Culture Shock




•The Iranian state holds de facto suzerainty over much of West Asia and its influence spreads to Central, South Asia. For example: Afghanistan is a monarchy under an Ekhnukhid monarch who swears fealty to the King of Kings or Queen of Queens whilst maintaining internal autonomy.

Las Palmeras

•We see our "success" as being able to have children with baseline humans, which itself implies a desire to assimilate Otherness.Addendum: Shortly explained, the Palmeran neko are xenophobes who want to out-breed foreigners by absorbing them. Presumably, something different to cosmopolitan Astorians.


•While very few Tarvelians are vegetarians, most are effectively vegan for about half the year in observance of Orthodox fasts. Meat, fish, and dairy are abstained from and in favor of grains and shellfish. But, really, shellfish is a constant anyway.


•Antarcticans have never seen an anthro before. In fact, even many animal species, such as polar bears and blue whales, were driven into extinction hundreds of years ago.


•In Santamar, The most popular greeting in an informal setting is just a simple movement of the head while looking at each other.
In a formal setting, the normal greeting is just a handshake while rising each other's hands.

Silver Commonwealth

•Our country (and our entire world, to an extent) is generally more introverted, with extroverts there having a bit harder time, as small talk isn't our style that much, really. (That said, there are still tasks, which require more extroversion, and a lot of our people are actually more ambivert - people like hikikomori shut-ins - ed still are outcasts there).

The Hell Legions

•Hell doesn't have oceans; water is largely confined to lakes, rivers, wetlands, and waterfalls. Without oceans, or any bodies of water large enough to serve in place of oceans, along with the general subterranean environment of Hell, hurricanes don't happen. The most common natural disaster is actually fires.
•One of the many sapient species living here as full citizens, goblins, require alcohol in order to survive. In goblin physiology, alcohol is used to manufacture adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. As a result, a goblin must never be seen without alcohol to drink, lest they become sluggish and tired, before their body just shuts down entirely. (For extra hilarity, ATP and ethanol contain several of the same atoms within their molecules; this idea isn't anywhere as far-fetched as it might seem).


•There is a state faith in Goldenson. It is recommended, though no clergyman are given any state status.

Tarchuna and ravenna

•We Rasenna will crucify unfaithful wives, as they are those who bear children. There is a three-strike rule in place.

Uinted Communist of Africa

•Well we do have furries....but they arent talked about.
We also have zoos but a more modern zoo...kinda more akin to a wild life preserve though seeing as zoos are a bit confining. I guess one thing that would shock you is we actively save endangered species and have recently gotten several types of elephants off the endangered list.


•Nonhumans are explicitly forbidden from holding public office in Kyria. As such, only humans can rise through the sociopolitical ladder.
•The state forbids the organisation of fascist and communist parties.


•Good ol' Skyhooked, while has extreme political and personal freedoms, it's also pretty militaristic and almost 90% of us possess guns.

Based on AN's national animal, how do they deal with traitors?



Australian rePublic

•Forced to watch this 7 second clip over and over and over and over again ad nausea, at a loud volume, with the traitor's eyes eyes wired open, whilst the traitor is strapped into the chair for 17 hours straight. No food, no beverages, and no toilet breaks. The clip will be repeated for the entire 17 hour duration. (the clip in question is the part of Linkthis video which runs from 1:25 to 1:32).
•Sent into the middle of the desert with only 1 litre of water. Surviours win their freedom


•Mauled to death.

Imperial Britannia

•Expose the traitors to cute animals until it changes their ways.

Samudera Darussalam

•Force them to smile eternally like quokkas do.

Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium

•Killed by the pure cuteness of this creature.

Raider clans


The Cosmic Mainframe

•Release them immediately to their family's embrace, wondering what happened to get them arrested.


•Overexposure to cuteness, resulting in death.


•They hug em. :3

What political beliefs does AN hold in real life? (II)




•Social liberalism.

Boring People



•Third way (not Third Positionist!) with center left progressive social views (equality, diversity, and tolerance) and center right economics (lassez-faire, less regulations, etc.). Pacifistic and hates capital punishment.


•Centre-left liberalism.


  • Democracy

  • Maybe Centre left or libertarian right

  • EU supporter?

  • Labour over Tories/Democrats over Republicans



•Probably centre-left to DemSoc beliefs. Mapping them to the US I could see them voting for Bernie.

The Republic of -Astoria