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Election 2020: Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 15.1%, Caelapes 12.8%, Kuriko 9.9%, The Bigtopia 8.0%, Racoda 3.8%, Wymondham 3.5%, 9003 3.1%, McMasterdonia 2.9%, Giovanniland 2.0%, Amsterwald 1.9%, Bohseon 1.7%



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Communist Pickle Party Manifesto

Communist Pickle Party

The Communist Pickle Party brings us to the end of Pickle and History. History is an intelligible process marching its way to the imagination of Pickle freedom. The Communist Pickle Party radically imagines a world in which the Pickle is no longer alienated from the fruits of their own Pickling. The tyrant's in the government oppress the Pickle and actively keep the Pickle's liberation movement underground.
Current Policy Positions
• oppose forced 2-party system
• protect free speech and dissenters
• individually elected senate
• rename doge to pickle
• weaker executive
• create a pickle church as another branch of the government, and mandate that all citizens must join it or they will lose their citizenship
• opposes overly strict rules
• get :pickle: added to the emoji
•ban nazis
•more coming soon!
We are the only party that has no leadership and instead decides on issues and policy communally-become part of the decision making process today!

ToTaLlY nOt eViLe
Aljumhuriat Alearabiat Alsurwria