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(Pegasia) Aeolus Federation

Federation of Aeolus

Federatie van Aledaatus (Dutch)
Fédération d'Aélous (French)
Aalosii Federaatio (Finnish)
Føderation af Alusland(Danish)
Федерация Эола (Russian)
Ομοσπονδία Αιόλου (Greek)
Føderasjonen av Alusland (Norwegian)
Federazione Aeolussa (Italian)
Federacja Ajelousa (Polish)
アイオロス連盟 (Japanese)



Anthem: "Peace Amongst My Nation"

Motto: "We Shall Be United Until The End"


Population: 1,086,360,112
-Density: 151,2/km²

Capital: Nieuwzand 40°50′N 14°15′E
Biggest City: Kongeskov 52°22′N 4°54′E

Official Languages: English, Dutch, French, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Greek, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Japanese

Writing Systems: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana

Demonym: Aeolusic

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic
- President: Maria de Magistris
- Prime Minister: Eiko Yamada (Yamada Eiko)
- Speaker of the Parliament: Marine La Rue

Legislature: United Auropean Parliament (unicameral)

Establishment: from Early States (as Haldonia)
Independence: May 21, 1302
Establishment: from Queendom of Haldonia (as Bridmann)
Independence: January 2, 1504
Establishment: from Empire of Briddmann (as Aeolus)
Independence: October 29, 1837

Land Area: 12,795,662 km²

GDP (nominal): €865 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: €37,502

Currency: Union Berg (ABR)

Time Zone: UTC +0 to UTC +3

Driving Side: Left

Date Format: (CE)

Calling Code: +2


Federation of Aeolus, also known as Auropea Federation is a federal parliamentary democracy located Aeolus Continent's west and Antheia's east. It's made of 12 states which are; Ithoris, Brettea, Ziekwaal, Foricci, Palkland, Ypsiliniki, Aaltia, Nadnen, Tynkland, Zylotovisk, North Kagawa and South Kagawa: Also 4 overseas territories which are San Alexis, Oku'lou, Wultenbern and Ligia. Aeolus has a population of 1,086,360,112 and a density of 151,2 per kilometre squares.

Aeolus being a federation, it provides autonomy on all of it's members. Overseas territories however, does not belong to any member nation but the union itself. Overseas territories are not counted as member states and are governed by the federal government. The nation is known to be a powerful state and a strategic location.


"Aeolus Federation" is derived from the country's geographic location at the Aeolus continent. Upon formation, the country was purposed to be named the Union of West Aeolus in English, reflecting its origin from the unification of former states. Since 1837, the long formal name in English has been the "Federation of Aeolus". Aeolus as a name however, comes from the Greek god of wind.


Aelous gained independence from the Empire after the civil war resulting with the defeat of the Empress, which declared the state and assured democracy in October 29, 1837. The states first were less autonomous, then gained their recent autonomy with the Agelia Treaty. The federation also agreed Men's Rights Bill granting them the right to vote, own properties and divorce without women dependency. Federation is united since then.


Land relief in Aeolus shows great variation within relatively small areas. The southern regions are more mountainous, while moving north the terrain descends from the high Petrovis, Yalporna and Shori, through hilly uplands, into broad, low northern plains, which are vast in the east. This extended lowland is known as the Great Aeolusic Plain, and at its heart lies the North Ziekwaal Plain. An arc of uplands also exists along the north-western seaboard, which begins in the western parts of the islands of Brettea, and then continues along the mountainous, fjord-cut spine of Nadnen.

This description is simplified. Sub-regions such as the Tynkland Peninsula and the Foricci Peninsula contain their own complex features, as does mainland Central Aeolus itself, where the relief contains many plateaus, river valleys and basins that complicate the general trend. Sub-regions like Ithoris, and Brettea are special cases. The former is a land unto itself in the northern ocean which is counted as part of Aeolus, while the latter are upland areas that were once joined to the mainland until rising sea levels cut them off.

Aeolus lies mainly in the temperate climate zones, being subjected to prevailing westerlies. The climate is milder in comparison to other areas of the same latitude around the globe due to the influence of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is nicknamed "Aeolus' central heating", because it makes Aeolus' climate warmer and wetter than it would otherwise be. The Gulf Stream not only carries warm water to Aeolus' coast but also warms up the prevailing westerly winds that blow across the continent from the Prasinos Ocean.


Aeolus has a population of 1,086,360,112 since the last census in 1924. Population of Aeolus is highly diverse due to it being an union of different states. It has mixed views on different things, yet still holds a great unitary idea of general public. Population is seem to be young since last census showed the results that %20 of the nation were children and teens (0-17), %40 were young adults (17-30), %25 were adults (30-50) and %15 were the elderly (50+).

Average lifespan of a person from birth to death is around 60 years, but the statistics change from region to region such as Ziekwaal having a lifespan of 58 but North Kagawa having 72. Most of the population lives in southern side while north being colder and having rougher climate.


Aeolus is a federation of 12 states and 4 overseas territories which are from different race and cultures. Ithoris is a French-majority member state with a rich culture and great history, joined the union around 1850 with the order of François IV. Brettea is a British member with a large history of Anglo-Saxons. Ziekwaal is a Dutch-majority member state with lots of different folks and architecture styles. Foricci is a state with Italian majority, and it is a state joined later as well, in 1902 by the referandum of Venuca. Palkland is a Polish majority state that joined in 1910 after the riots and coup d'état of 1908 against the leader Andrezj Slowicski. Ypsiliniki is the former capital state of the union and is Greek majority. Aaltia is a personal state union between Estland and Finonia, which is a Finnish-majority state with a significant Estonian minority. Nadnen is Norwegian majority while Tynkland is Danish. Zylotovisk is Russian majority and North and South Kagawa are mainly Japanese.


The union has moderate stats of religion according to the last census of 1924. %45 declared that they believe in God, %20 stated that they believe in multiple gods, %12 stated that they were sceptical if there is a god or not and %23 stated that they don't believe in any higher entity. %55 of the monotheist population are Catholics, %30 are Orthodox, %12 are Protestant and %3 are Jewish. %83 of the polytheist population are Shintoist, %10 are Greek Polytheist, %4 are Shenist and %3 are Buddhist. Church attendance is %50 of the Christian population, temple attendance is %90 of the Shinto, Shenist, Greek Polytheist and Buddhist population and synagogue attendance is %98 of the Jewish population.

Largest Cities
















South Kagawa
















North Kagawa














In the Aeolus federalist system, citizens are usually subject to three levels of government: federal, state, and local. The local government's duties are commonly split between county and municipal governments. In almost all cases, executive and legislative officials are elected by a plurality vote of citizens by district. There is no proportional representation at the federal level, and it is rare at lower levels.

The federal government comprises three branches:

- Legislative: The uniameral Parliament, makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, has the power of the purse, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.

- Executive: The president is the commander-in-chief of the military, can veto legislative bills before they become law (subject to Parliamentarian override), and appoints the members of the Cabinet (subject to Parliament approval) and other officers, who administer and enforce federal laws and policies.

- Judicial: The Supreme Court and lower federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the president with Parliament approval, interpret laws and overturn those they find unconstitutional.

Foreign Relations and Military

Aeolus has a strategic location in Pegasia, having coasts to important locations and bordering with several nations. Being a pacifist nation, Aeolus don't involve into wars necessarily unless it's for defence. The military has a total personnel of 32,590,803 and 10,450,230 active when it's peace time. Aeolus always looks to improve relations with other Pegasia nations.


Economic Indicators

Rank: 1st
Currency: Union Berg (ABR)

GDP (nominal): €865,391,102,948
GDP (nominal) per capita: €37,502
Labor Force: 403,910,218
Unemployment: %9,2

Aeolus has a free market economy operating under capitalism. It has a GDP of €865,391,102,948 and a per capita GDP of €37,502. It is one of the wealthiest nations on the Pegasia and a superpower. It has a trade surplus of €1,203,182 and mainly imports wheat, technology, clothing, wine and fruit.


"Aeolus" as a cultural concept is substantially derived from the shared heritage of the Briddmann Empire and its culture. The boundaries of Aeolus were historically understood as those of Christendom (or more specifically Latin Christendom), as established or defended throughout the medieval and early modern history of Aeolus, especially against Islam, as in the Reconquista and the wars in Ligana.

This shared cultural heritage is combined by overlapping indigenous national cultures and folklores, roughly divided into Slavic, Latin (Romance) and Germanic, but with several components not part of either of these group (notably Greek and Celtic). Cultural contact and mixtures characterise much of Aeolusic regional cultures; Agias (2014) describes Aeolus as "embracing maximum cultural diversity at minimal geographical distances".

Political Parties

There are 8 parties in the parliament and 500 seats. The seat occupiers are Republican Party of Aeolus (Ruling - 195), Fascist Faction of 12 States (Opposition - 103), New Communists of Aelous (57), Independent States (42), Green Party (40), Monarchist Party (35), Social Democrats (18) and Independents (10). There are also two party-like think tanks which are New Dawn, which supports the independence of Akuyri, a separatist movement in Foricci and The Dark which supports the values of masculism.


Aeolus uses coal and limber to provide energy to the nation. Due to it's large size, green energy proposals are not considered as good moves and often ignored. There are also petroleum used frequently because of the rich oil fields in the north.