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Antecentennial Revolution

The Antecentennial Revolution happened right at the start of this century, in Graad in '02 and then spread like wildfire across the world to Revachol and Safre.

40 million people lost their lives during the Revolution. The complex socioeconomic causes underpinning the Revolution were exacerbated by the tzaareth plague that ravaged Graad for years, with the lack of a proper government response acting as catalyst for the rise of Kras Mazov and Mazovian socio-economics. Followers of Mazov were collectively known as communists and used the star-and-antlers as their insignia.

Numerous songs were composed during the Revolution, extolling its virtues; these include Brave Children, the Beloved of History (Graad), La Revacholiere (Revachol), and The Boy With A Scythe & Golden Sun.