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The union is organised without government of any kind. Neither the Founder nor the World Assembly Delegate hold any authority. Freedom brings forth order.

The union is organised through three modes:

  • Consensus decisions:
    Where decisions need to be made, all members of the union will seek a consensus agreement, through the process outlined HERE.

  • IRC Meetings:
    A meeting will be convened at the beginning of each month to assess the current situation of the union, to discuss the developments of the preceding month, and consider possibilities for the upcoming month. It is not a decision making assembly but rather a space for dialogue. It will be hosted on the IRC at a time optimal for the most members, announced well in advance.

  • Individual initiative:
    Union members maintain the autonomy to propose and organise discussions and activities through their own free initiative, so long as they are in keeping with the principles and decisions of the union.


A maximum of four union members are delegated to take responsibility for specific tasks:

  • To facilitate the consensus decision-making process.

  • To coordinate and facilitate monthly IRC meetings.

  • To ensure that the decisions of the union are implemented.

  • To act as the union's point of contact with the rest of the world.

Any union member can volunteer themselves to serve as a delegate. The volunteer must be confirmed by a consensus vote. A delegate will serve for no more than three months at a time, but may step down at any point. A delegate can be recalled at any time by a simple majority vote. A delegate holds no authority over the union, and remains an equal participant in discussion and decision-making.


The structure of the union outlined above is always subject to alteration or dissolution by a consensus of union members.