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by The Holy Empire of The united american-isreali empire. . 2 reads.

Muckwater task force liberation

30 muckwater private millitary personal



AAC Honey Badger PDW -25 (equipped with the surpressors, various sights (operators can decide that), flashlight's or laser sights, and extended mags (40 round magazines) along with standard mags (30 round magazines)

VSS Vintorez -5 semiautomatic sniper rifle (custom tuned by the operators)

M-45a1 semiautomatic pistol -30 (a 1911 update)

Rock Island Armory M206 .38 Special Revolver -30 (these are backup pistols)


M-26 tazer (or x-26 tazer) -30
Pepper spray -30


Non lethal (they may select what they want to carry)

M-8 smoke grenades -60
Tear gas grenades -60
M-84 flashbang grenade -60
Breaching charges -200 (to be carried by the team supply and issued only a few per man I'm any given mission) (more can be sent as desired)
Flares -60 (for blinding the enemy)

Lethal (they may select what they desire)

M-67 fragmention grenade -60
M-24 assault grenade (German stick grenade) -60

Misc gear

Zipline guns -30 (they shoot ziplines like on battlefield Hardline) (optional)

Gas masks -30 ( (ready to deploy if needed)

Night vision goggles -30 (AN/PVS-7) (opational)

Ka-Bar (trademarked as KA-BAR, pronounced /ˈkeɪ bɑːr/ ) combat knife -30 (opational) (opational)

Armour (all standard)

With the systems of


rules are as follows (ooc for data only) (not oc intel it ends above)

We want to contract Muckwater private military company, specifically for a single operation against pirates sailing around Lazarus.

We will provide a few Huey transport helicopters. We expect to be supplied with a platoon of about 30 men, which will be load onto 6 helicopters. We expect them to have matching assault rifles and/or sub-machine guns, whatever body armor they come with, and equipment to detain prisoners or capture people for trail.

Pay will be 1000 NSD per person, up front, with the group getting a cut of the loot from the operation. Any weapons, gear, or drugs salvaged during the operation will be sold, half will go to Muckwater. For each hostage freed, the group gets 1,000 NSD, and for each prisoner taken they get 1,500 NSD.

If they capture any high level criminals, they get 75% of the reward money.


The operations will likely involve large cargo ships, cruise ships, or other vessels; and involve hostage rescue.

client: to be shown after