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The Pacifican Job Market

The Departments Of The Pacific

Legio Pacifica

The Legio Pacifica is the successor to the Revolutionary Guard and the Pacific Expeditionary Forces, and is the military of the New Pacific Order. Historically, the Pacific was often a target of factions opposed to our very way of life and what the Order stood for, and sought out ways to destroy what we have built up and preserved. The New Pacific Order has always had enemies, which still holds true today. To protect itself and the interests of the Order, the Pacific requires a strong, capable military for the accomplishment of its purposes.

Contact Waterfall State and/or Marinas Island for more details regarding this department

Pacific News Network

The Pacific News Network is the media department of the New Pacific Order. The PNN is responsible for any volume of the regional newspaper including the Imperial Journal (NS publication) and the Pacific Press (NPO-wide publication). The main duties of PNN personnel are promoting the regional culture and keeping all nations of the Pacific informed about any happenings within the region and beyond. The PNN tackles the conceptualisation and the execution of the publications before they are released to comrades everywhere. There will be discussions by all members in communication channels like Discord as well as involvement of external skills such as graphics design and journalism. The most important thing that is required of PNN personnel however is teamwork - an important trait that allows the veins of journalism run strongly within the New Pacific Order.

Contact any of the Senate for more details regarding this department

Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps of the Pacific serves as the frontlines for both foreign affairs and diplomacy. The diplomats are the ambassadors of the Pacific, carrying with them the values of a Pacifican and the reputation of the New Pacific Order. Led by the Legatus/i, the diplomats are always steadfast with diplomacy and foreign policies. The main duty of a diplomat is to establish rapport between the region they are assigned to and the Pacific through them. Diplomats must maintain high levels of activity and be able to regularly visit foreign forums and Discord channels

Contact Xoriet or The Seeker of Power for more details regarding this department

World Assembly Squad

The World Assembly Squad (WA Squad) is at the center of the powerful voting force that is the Pacific. Tasked with debating world assembly proposals and deciding the direction the region should take with each one, the squad always has something on its plate, so activity is a must. The WA Squad in a group of 7 members. They are to write and propose world assembly proposals in either General Assembly or Security Council amongst other things. The WA Squad also aids in determining the stance that the region should take in every proposal in conjunction with the Senate. In the spirit of the World Assembly, the Squad can also assist and provide guidance and advise to those who wish to independently submit their own proposal.

Contact Retz for more details regarding this department

Culture Committee

The Culture Committee of the Pacific is the main producer of cultural output for the region. Whether it be events, activities or even passive forms of entertainment, the Culture Committee is working to ensure that the Pacific is chock full of fun. Those in the committee tend to be the ones that conceptualise, organise and create all assets required to host events or put up activities.

Contact Marinas Island for more details regarding this department

Cards are a mini-game in the world of NationStates and with a bit of practice, any comrade can become an avid card farmer, yielding precious treasures for their own person or for the benefit of Pacifica. Card farming, at its core, can be quite time consuming if practiced on a daily basis. To card farm, all one needs to do is answer or solve issues on a set of puppets, (a good starting number is 3-5 puppets, but we are looking for at least 10 puppets per farmer) and open the card packs that are yielded from such efforts. To access your cards, you will click the card icon on the right side of your nation, located under your Political Freedoms bar.

Contact The Seeker of Power and Xoriet for more details regarding this department

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