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Music to Listen to for Everyone in Gensokyo during Ramadan 2306

The people of Zenussia are now celebrating Ramadan, the holiest month and the start of the lunar year. Here are some lovely tracks for the curious music listeners of Gensokyo through the newly built Zenadan Public Radio (ZPR) in the Human Village. 100% traditional and pleasing to the ears. Available to listen in all demographics, and no, the regimes will not attempt to censor our beautiful music in any way:

Day 1 Theme: LinkRamadan 2020 by WavebeatsMusic - Royalty Free Music
Day 2 Theme: LinkDesert Caravan by Aaron Kenny - Audio Library YouTube

First Update: Felt like surviving the first 48 hours resisting the urge to touch a loaf of bread or a visit to the local bazaar hoping no one didn't catch an eye on the latest food stockpile and gobble it up, whatever that is, Ramadan surely is testing your body's survival limit if you're still in it. Here's some more traditional tunes coming right at you!

Day 3 Theme: LinkArabic Ambient by Chill Out 2018 - Topic
Day 4 Theme: LinkSahara Desert by KopMusic - Royalty Free Music

Second Update: The moon phase is now a crescent, you can definitely feel the lethargy starting to sink in as you're still trying to hold on to that last bit of sanity you have, and resisting the urge to go on a feeding frenzy. Time to up the ante on our next batch of tunes whilst you're here, in case you missed the beginning of the crescent phase, here's a little quick image, too! Now, onto the tunes!

Day 5 Theme: LinkDesert Night by World Music Official
Day 6 Theme: LinkDesert Warriors by Ekaterina

Third Update: First weekly Ramadan performance about to be held shortly at 5AM for the Middle East zone as ZPR is about to put on a few marathons for our Zenussian friends setting up a traditional gig to dance as our moon continues marching through the waxing stage.


05:15 - Link1 Hour Arabian & Middle Eastern Music by the Fiechters
08:15 - Link1 Hour Egyptian/Arabian Music by Timeless Sounds
12:15 - Link1 Hour Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt by Various Artists
16:15 - LinkBeautiful Desert Music Compilation by Various Artists

At sunset Middle Eastern time, we then go back to regular programming starting off with a special treat.

Day 7 Theme: LinkMaze of the Blade - SoulCalibur II by Junichi Nakatsuru, Yoshihito Yano, Asuka Sakai, Rio Hamamoto, Ryuichi Takada, and Junichi Takagi

Day 8 Theme: LinkDesert Dance by FSM Team - Free Stock Music

Fourth Update: The moon is now halfway there, and you're still brave enough to handle another three weeks? It must be your inner faith working in on you. Anyways, we are not stopping, even if our stomachs are growling us too hard to make us roll on the floor. Let's keep going with a bit more oomph to these tunes!

Day 9 Theme: LinkFirebird - Royalty Free
Day 10 Theme: LinkArabian Flute and Sunset - Mohamed Naiem - "El-Fagr"
Day 11 Theme: LinkDrum In, Drum Out by The Orchard Enterprises
Day 12 Theme: LinkGolden Age | Epic Arabian Music by World Music Official

Fifth Update: As the moon nears its full potential, so does our spiritual insides. Most of us humans don't really get this far in terms of surviving through Ramadan after nearly two weeks that is the humane extreme limit, getting past it and what will you think of us then? That's the point of this mysterious riddle, so here are more tunes to listen while we still go through the rest of the month.

Day 13 Theme: LinkEpic Arabian Orchestral Music by EpicOrchestralCinematicMusic
Day 14 Theme: LinkAdrian von Ziegler - Desert Magic (Relaxing Arabian Music)

And now for the ultimate surprise for our fifteenth day of Ramadan to all our Muslim participants, the people who uh live on said moon, and general musical enthusiasts on terra firma tuning to this station. The full brunt of the moon's illumination is in session!

As part of Zenussian tradition on every full moon, but this one being very special. Every Zenussian child only over the age of 13 to 17 get to cosplay as rabbits but without full-body costumes for the 15-minute dance on totality, whereas said totality only lasts for that long before beginning to wane, or turning back. Here we go, the moon's at totality! First though, as a buildup theme, the prayer roll call.

Call to Prayer Roll-Call: LinkIslamic Call to Prayer

SPECIAL SONG for Day 15: LinkArabian Nights by Soul Candle (15 minutes)

Day 16 Theme: LinkFull Moon Night by World Music Official
Day 17 Theme: LinkBlessing of Ramadan 2020 by Ramol NoCopyright Music
Day 18 Theme: LinkTabla Maa Tabla by The Orchard Enterprises

Sixth Update: The moon is now going back to getting darker, as you are now observing a little missing bit of illumination. That means we're toning down slowly on the intensity of future tunes. Nearing three weeks, only a small percentage of dedicated people can make it this far through this month. Stay tuned!

Day 19 Theme: LinkDust and Shadows by Adrian von Ziegler
Day 20 Theme: LinkArabic Violin Music Instrumental by Ebunny

Seventh Update: Another weekly performance, this time we have some violinists from southeastern Europe willing to do some specialty tunes, appreciate their visit on tour right now. We also have other instrument experts coming in, as well. Let us see what they can do for our twenty-first day, Ramadan is almost over, just hang on to your stomachs a little bit longer. 7PM Middle East time is the start of our next musical marathon.


19:00 - LinkTaqsim - Violin Solos from Middle East and Balkans Multiple Artists
19:30 - LinkBayati for Oud, Kanun, and Nai - Lyrichord Presents Arab Music: Vol 1
19:45 - LinkOfra Haza - Im Nin Alu Galbi (Remix) by Ofra Haza [Deceased]
20:00 - LinkAge of Glory by TheDrMusician

Day 22 Theme: LinkAncient Arabian Music - The Abandoned City by World Music Official

Eighth Update: Moon's halfway getting dark already here, we're nearly there. A few more days and we will get through the fasting period! Here's a sneak peek for our next tune.

LinkArabian Instrumental Music by Meutah Music

Day 23 Theme: LinkYearning (feat. Fathi Aljarah) by Catapult Reservatory, LLC
Day 24 Theme: LinkArabian Ritual Drums by Sound Therapy Masters

Ninth Update: The moon is now a crescent once again, we're only a few days out, the tunes are getting subtler as we're winding up our Ramadan playlist. Whatever you do in Gensokyo, don't try to censor or burn this station down, that has happened many years ago, isn't it?

Day 25 Theme: LinkArabian Relaxation by Shamanic Drumming World
Day 26 Theme: LinkHual Hadi by Adrian von Ziegler
Day 27 Theme: LinkSwinging with the Sultan by Doug Maxwell
Day 28 Theme: LinkArabian Secrets by Egyptian Meditation Temple
Day 29 Theme: LinkArabian Princess by the Fiechters