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Thaecian Political Campaigns: The Dos and Don'ts

A Short Introduction

This midterm season, like so many others, has given a diverse field of candidates. Some are what many would call the 'Thaecian Boomers', whilst others are newer nations trying their luck in their first election. Both groups, and the people in between, are necessary additions to the political process, making elections more competitive and giving voters greater choice between the candidates. There are, however, (in my view) several mistakes campaigns often make which have a serious impact on the candidate's credibility and appeal. I don't think any political campaign has been absolutely perfect, and no doubt I have accidentally made these mistakes at least once in my own campaigns. Having said that, I felt it would be helpful to note down the actions which I think will make political campaigns more serious and electable.

The Dos

  • Engage regularly with our community. It is a very simple and very plain ask (we're only really talking 10-20 minutes a day), but it is hard to overestimate just how beneficial it is to remain engaged with normal Thaecians. Generally, we like to vote for the people who we know and trust. People who sit in discord or on the RMB but say nothing are fine, but it is often the case that Thaecians don't know who you are, what you stand for or how likely you are to remain active if you should be elected. Being inactive in the community is a fool-proof way to lose an election.

  • Focus on the policies which are points of contention at the time. Reading our discord & RMB will give you a very good indication of what the hot topics are at that moment in time. Formulating your own opinion on these hot topics will make you look informed and in touch with our politics and will increase your credibility enormously, especially if you're new.

  • Attend the debates put on by the Electoral Commissioner. Debates are often fairly arduous and sometimes boring events, but attending them will be very helpful for your campaign. You can present your beliefs and propositions to us and, on top of that, look more engaged and caring for our community and its issues.

  • Make a campaign factbook. This might take some time and some effort, but campaign factbooks are so worth it. Having a centre of information which interested voters can go to so they can learn about you, your platform and your commitments is incredibly helpful. Not having a campaign factbook can often make a candidate look nonchalant about the office they are seeking and can indicate a lack of commitment or care for doing a good job.

  • If you have discord, post a couple of messages in #campaigning. Again, posting here makes a candidate look so much more committed and respectable. It's advisable to stick to talking about yourself and your own campaign, rather than dishing out criticisms of others. Abide by the rules of the channel, also.

The Don'ts

  • Don't be rude. Another very simple ask, but being polite and respectful goes down a treat with the region (but be careful not to come across as patronising/condescending!).

  • Avoid weak and vague statements like "I will serve the people". It drives so many Thaecians absolutely crazy when these sorts of statements are seen. The worst offenders are: "Of the people, by the people, for the people" (quoting Abraham Lincoln is not impressive); "Vote for me for the radical change Thaecia needs"; "I will serve YOU"; "The fresh faces we need!"; the list goes on and on and on. These statements are not only horrifically cringy, but they tell voters that you don't know about the policies they care about, nor will you make any effort to learn. Advocating for radical change without elaborating on what that change is bound to alienate more conservative Thaecians who like the current system, as well as more reform-prone Thaecians who may otherwise agree with you but want specific examples of what you want to reform.

  • If you post in #campaigning, never ever ever add reactions to your own post. It is awfully desperate and implies you are trying to artificially create momentum for your election.

  • If you're a member of a party, it's advisable to avoid tribalism and partisanship. Thaecia has a long and complicated relationship with party politics, and as a result many of us scorn at toxic partisanship and tribal approaches to campaigns. Mentioning you are a member of a party or generating some hype about it is fine. Doing so can result in a bit of energy around your campaign, and as long as you are careful with what you say, you could draw in voters from other parties who are interested in your candidacy. Going so far to say (absurd) things like "[My party] is the best and if you vote against us, you are my enemy" and "[Opposing party] has governed with nothing but contempt for its constituents and cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form" will give you a reputation of being a partisan hack. Such a reputation is almost certainly going to lose you the election, and will be incredibly difficult to shake off for months to come, no matter how hard you try to repent for it.

Closing Words

There's my opinion on the best and worst of our previous political campaigns. If anyone would like to add anything to either of these lists, please TG or DM me on Discord. Good luck to you if you're seeking elected office in the future, whether you take my advice or not, and of course good luck to all the candidates in the ongoing April 2020 Midterm election.