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The Wall Of Good Noodles

[b][u]An example of a Good Noodle award[/u][/b]

[b]The Wall Of Good Noodles[/b] is a monument in [b]Ciudad De San Medici[/b], in front of [b]The Palace Of Santa Catalina[/b]. It features the names of nations that have received [b]Good Noodle Awards[/b] from San Medici, which symbolize good diplomatic relations. Though some argue that the awards are "immature" and make San Medici seem like "a joke", many more believe it helps with San Medici's image of a pacifist, friendly nation. Good Noodle Awards are made out of pure gold and inserted into the black marble wall that the monument is based on. Current nations featured on the wall are:

1. [nation]Nacoa Dya[/nation]
2. [nation]The Municipalities of Antarctica[/nation]
3. [nation]Kathol Rift[/nation]
4. [nation]United Surabaya[/nation]
5. [nation]Novoblupolia[/nation]
6. [nation]Wubdich[/nation]