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CFL Host Applications

[b][u]CFL Host[/u][/b]
To all nations involved in the CFL,

I have now decided that the CFL needs a host. All games will be run in that nation’s stadiums, and will be the official host of the CFL. Any participating nation can apply to be the host (it is optional) and in order to apply, you will need to do the following:

Create a dispatch titled ‘CFL Host Application’. Please state the following in the dispatch:

[list][*]Your nation’s top [b]10[/b] biggest stadiums and each of their capacities e.g. [nation]Charville[/nation]‘s Stadium, 20,567 seats. They must be fictional names and have realistic capacities (preferably around 1,000 - 150,000).
[*]A good reason why you should host the CFL e.g. to increase  tourism to your nation. This will mainly be how I decide who should host, so make the reason interesting.
[*]A picture of your biggest stadium by capacity, to be used in a CFL dispatch. This is optional and I can provide a picture for you if you wish.[/list]

You will then need to send the dispatch to me via telegram or DM. Applications start from now and close on 31st May 23:59 UCT. The host will be announced by me on the 1st June.

Many thanks,