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CFL Host Application

1)Top Ten Nyeznakomkan Football Stadiums
1. Palace Yelkir/52200/City of Kiryuha
2.Stadium to Blue Army- Stadium Plavoy Armii/46214/City of Atemsk
3.Tzar Yefimir/42000/City of Agnyetar
4.Black Georgiy/38112/City of Vishevats
5. Raskii Palace/36834/City of Byeligorod
6. Geroizm/33020/City of Kiryuha
7. Raskii Fortress/32468/City of Kotromanopolye
8. Vozhd Yag/30121/City of Trnovo
9. Golgota/27670/City of Korf
10. Stadium Ras/24454/City of Sochnyi

2)An opportunity of every foreigner to come and see the hidden maiden, kept away from world by the Iron Curtain, an chance for everyone to come and enjoy within the disciplined Nation, its Regime and System, its People, its Power and Dominance, and also its Beauty.


Biggest of all, Yelkir enjoying the sunset

The Vozhddom of Nyeznakomka