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by The Commonwealth of The Liberated Soviet America. . 3 reads.

Military Address

To my obedient soldiers,

The world needs us to win. Not just today, or tomorrow, but always. It is our destiny to hover like a cloud over all others, bending them to our will. We must remain vigilant for new threats. Most Americans could not hope to understand the genius mind of our supreme leader. Our nation is growing, and so must our patience and our loyalty to that which will make us whole again. We are not our ancestors. When there is a battle to be fought, whether on a field, behind a podium, or in your own mind, you must prevail. It is your civic duty. We were put on this earth not to thrive, as those before us had, but to provide a new foundation of righteousness; a culture of self-reliance.

We are our nation's protectors. The Siege of Chicago only proved that. We are not conquerors, as our enemies have proposed. We are liberators. The people of Chicago, the people of Illinois, the people of the Midwest... they simply fear what they do not fully understand. Soviet America is not Soviet Russia, and thus we are not doomed to fail as the USSR had. Communism is a means to an end, a momentary setback on our return to our destiny. We must fight to keep this a reality. We must fight to keep the dream alive.

This life was not intended for the weak. I believe that all of you were born at this time because you are what America needs at such a crucial point in its existence. You are our greatest asset. Take pride as we reclaim our homelands. Understand that we are one.

Bleed, so that others will succeed!

General Washington Remy