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2020 Worldbuilding RP


2020 Roleplay

The world is in chaos...
With the outbreak of COVID-19 and flaring tensions, the nations of the world are on the brink of total meltdown. WIll your nation lead into prosperity, or will you fail and lead it into destruction? The stakes have never been higher as you roleplay your nation in this new world! Apply by using the application at the bottom of the factbook! You must post your application on the RMB to be valid, but you can send your claim however you want.

[b]Nation Formal Name:[/b]
[b]Nation Shorthand:[/b]
[b]Claim (Image preferable):[/b]
[b]Military Size (not normally more than 2-3% of population)[/b]
[b]Military Budget (% of GDP, for reference, the US is 4%):[/b]
[b]Economic System (Capitalist/Communist/Etc.)[/b]
[b]Economic Conditions (Developing, Developed, Varies):[/b]
[b]Economy Size:[/b]
[b]Additional Notes:[/b]
[b]Ping:[/b] [nation]Logon[/nation]