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[RESCINDED] Executive Decree 026


Executive Decree 026

Temporary Preemptive Security Measures

    By the authority vested in me as Founder and Supreme Executive Authority of the New West Indies, in pursuance of 21 and 23 of the New West Indies Constitution, to ward off foreign aggression against the membership of the New West Indies as well as regional security and integrity, it is hereby decreed as follows:

    Section 1. Purpose. In the light of recent events, both on-site and across the entire internet, namely the repeated transgressions made by the nation of Yashou Japan and/or nations affiliated to their main nation or the region of the Union of liberty, as well as the ongoing attacks by anonymous homophobic internet users against LGBTQ* people in the course of the so-called "Operation Pridefall", it is necessary to take preemptive measures to prevent foreign nations from sowing dissent and harassing the New West Indies membership and, a fortiori, threatening regional security and integrity. Furthermore, protecting the region is even more necessary now that the New West Indies are openly celebrating "pride month", thus attracting the attention of potential attacks against individual members, and will be holding two important elections during the next weeks. Considering the latter, these measures shall prevent these elections from being tampered with via undisclosed puppets.

    Section 2. Declaration. (a) For the time this Decree remains in force, a regional password shall be imposed, which will be given only to the leaders of the respective government branches incumbent at the time of this Decree's adoption. Therefore, free immigration into the New West Indies will be suspended until this Decree is rescinded.

    (b) While outside nations may no longer freely enter the New West Indies, potential new members may still enter the region after submitting their citizenship application to the New West Indies government and having been granted citizenship of the New West Indies. All applications shall be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities of the New West Indies government. If the Department of Internal Affairs determines an applicant to be non-malicious, the applicant may be given the regional password to enter the New West Indies.

    (c) All recruitment programs for the New West Indies shall be suspended for the time being to minimize the amount of applications submitted until the regional password is removed.

    (d) Moderators of the New West Indies' third-party communication platforms are encouraged to subject every new entry to critical scrutiny. While ambassadors and diplomats of foreign regions may still be granted access to third-party platforms, other users accessing said platforms shall be given access only after entering the region in accordance with the procedures described in Section 2 items (a) and (b) of this Decree.

    Section 3. Duration. The security measures described in Section 2 of this Decree shall enter into force immediately upon its proclamation and shall remain in place until no later than 17 July 2020, 12:00 UTC. This Decree may either be rescinded before the aforementioned date by myself, the nation of Achipel, or be repealed by the General Assembly via simple majority vote or the Secretariat of the New West Indies.

    03 June 2020

The United Insular States of Achipel