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June 2020

Here Be Dragons

A Quick Preamble

Hello, it's me, Andusre! I'm currently serving as a Senator in the Thaecian Congress. I've served for two terms as the region's Prime Minister and one term in the House of Commons as Speaker. As you know, there is an upcoming election for the Senate as part of our general election, so without further ado, I will be running for re-election as a Senator in June 2020.

Reflections About The Past Term

I've been in the Senate since my election in the Senate Snap, conducted in late March. I was inaugurated on the 31st March and have been sitting in the Senate ever since.

I've spent a fair amount of time reflecting on the past 3 months of the Senate, and I want to be rather candid about it. Just after the election, I will readily admit I do not think I did the best job of fulfilling the role of Senator. If my memory serves me right, I missed 3 votes and my debating was a bit lacklustre. I deeply regret that time, and have sought to make as much of an effort as I can to improve that.

However, I believe that when I voted, my votes were always reflecting what I thought was best when much of the rest of the Senate was passing legislation which has now been voted down, is deeply unpopular or is in the process of being repealed. For example, Senator Catlin and I were the only two senators to vote against the House Committees Act. I also posted a long RMB post on the Senate RMB as the chamber looked like it was going to pass the first draft of the Impeachable Offences Act, which was a very very lengthy bill, containing content which was a simple repetition of the existing Legal Code and dangerously vague wording of what an impeachable offence is. Following my post, The Senate voted down the act and a far simpler and effective piece of legislation was passed shortly afterwards. I also wrote the Thaecian Polling Data Protection Act (LR 30), which passed Congress unanimously and protects citizens of Thaecia from having their data exposed by criminalising the leaking of votes in polls. For the reasons laid out above, I hope that my previous failings as a Senator will not impact your trust in me in the upcoming election.

What I'm About

I've found it quite difficult to think of something new to say here, as most people know me fairly well. If you don't know my platform that well, though, here's a rough outline:

  • I'm a bicameralist, and I see no need yet for a second referendum on the bicameralism issue. It was a very divisive issue which in my opinion shouldn't be revisited yet.

  • I don't support a blanket ban on the right to vote for citizens who join midway through an election. I believe a more flexible and practical approach, like trusting the EC's judgement to exclude votes which are spam votes and/or attempts at a concerted effort to rig an election.

  • I support the repeal of the House Committees Act.

  • I oppose most Media Freedom Legislation, as more often than not, they would tie the government's hands if the situation arose that a media organisation spread disinformation or regularly broke NS/Discord rules.

This factbook will be updated with new issues and opinions as the general election progresses. If you have questions, please be sure to ask! Telegrams or Discord DMs both work.