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Thalassian Space Summit of 2020

After the alarming militarization by Thalassian nations of space the government of Hopal called for a summit to decide the future of space. The government of New Camelot of Avalonia agreed to host the summit. It will be held at the International Conference Center at the Royal Amaliensrens-Grande. It is located in Kanalgården District of Köbarnhavn, the Avalonian capital city on July 1, 2020.
Nations participating:
Hopal II
New Camelot of Avalonia
The 3nd German Republic
South Cark Islands
Tirr Savattstra
Grey County
Yaldian Territories
Baltic NRC
Additional Information from the government of New Camelot of Avalonia:
The Summit will be held in the Avalonian capital, Köbarnhavn. The Arts & Sciences Institute of Köbarnhavn, a museum on the environment and hosting permanent collections of nature art and landscape paintings, is home to the Avalonian International Conference Center at the Royal Amaliensrens-Grande. It is located in Kanalgården District of Köbarnhavn, overlooking the Amaliens-Grande river-canal.

The Summit will take place on Wednesday, July 1st. That is also the day of the Amaliensrens-Grande Regatta, also known as Rigattas-In-The-Wind. It is a national rowing competition that will go through the city's rivers and canals. There will be many Avalonians crowded at the banks of the river and in the extensive gardens of the Arts & Sciences Institute. There will be no free traffic in Kanalgården, where the Arts & Sciences Institute, so the Government of Köbarnhavn will establish special routes for summit attendees. The International Conference Center wing of the Arts & Sciences center opens up on the sides to the Arts & Sciences ICC Greenhouse, one of the biggest in the city, which overlooks the Amaliens-Grande river canal. The ICC Greenhouse will be closed to the public on the day of the conference, but there will be greenhouse attendants.

Firearms are illegal in Avalonia, as are private law enforcement or security entities. The Civic Guard, Avalonia's highest-level state security force, will be managing all security operations for the summit. There will not be any firearms allowed into Avalonia from any delegations. Avalonians are on average the most compliant citizens, the nation is ranked as the safest country in Thalassia, with the lowest crime rate, and the lowest rate of weaponization.

The Avalonian Government enforces some of the strictest environmental regulations, including a complete ban on internal-combusion vehicles and non-electric planes. For use in Avalonian airspace, using a plane that meets Avalonian air-quality and noise-pollution regulations is mandatory. The Avalonian company Vålvö will supply vehicular transportation to all delegations. If any nations have purchased Avalonian eco-jets, they are welcome to use them. If not, the Avalonian governnment can send Tier-One state jets, days in advance if any inspection is needed.

The Avalonian Ministry of State will require information on all members of each nation's delegation. All leaders will be granted visa-free travel and recognition of diplomatic immunity. Delegations from nations on the Visa-Free list will not require visas. Core delegate member will not require visas. All other members of the delegations from nations not listed for visa-free travel on Directory for Avalonian Passport Affairs will need to request visas from the Avalonian Ministry of State. Contact the Avalonian Ministry of State through New Camelot of Avalonia if your nation would be interested in appearing on the Visa-Free Travel list.

Lodging will be available at all hotels found in the Köbarnhavn Dijstrikt Prinsesse Sophia, where the majority of Embassies are located. Although the whole capital is relatively quiet, Dijstrikt Prinsesse Sophia is extremely quiet. The City of Köbarnhavn, as well as the Office for Foreign Embassies in Köbarnhavn, has requested that delegations be conscious of their noise and their activity to be respectful of the district's community.

The Avalonian economic system known as the Freedom guarantees all permanent residents and citizens free access to all goods. For logistical reasons, the City of Köbarnhavn will grant each delegation member a Freedom Card (FrijdommePas). We ask that delegation members not abuse the Freedom Card, which will gain them free access to all Avalonian goods and services. Governments will be asked to reimburse the City of Köbarnhavn for unreasonable purchases.

The City of Köbarnhavn's Tourism Commission and Cultural Council, in cooperation with the Avalonian National Ministry of Tourism, will be providing all delegations with extensive guides to the Köbarnhavn and surrounding areas, including guides to popular sites to visit, an expansive guide to the thousands of museums, art galleries, and parks, as well as guides to Avalonian culture, history, and contemporary society. The Avalonian Legal Council will also be providing guides to the Avalonian Legal System, and the Avalonian Ministry of Education will also be providing guides to the Avalonian Education System, specifically the how the system works for foreign nationals. If your delegation has a particular interest, the City of Köbarnhavn will be putting together a special team to organize any specific visits or outings. There will also be general outings available to delegate members visiting the city's popular and overlooked parks, gardens, museums, palaces, and historical places. The Avalonian National Ministry of Tourism would also like to offer each delegation promotional resources for Avalonian Tourism, and would appreciate if delegations would bring these resources back to their home countries.

Health and Child care will be provided to all delegation members that may require it. Additionally, all Avalonian spaces are legally required to be disability-accessible, and the Avalonian Ministry of Equal Access would like to inform all delegations that in Avalonia, accessible entrances are marked with a green square with a white square inside it, and (in Köbarnhavn) a blue I/U G.

The Avalonian Government's Royal Linguistic Institute is located in Köbarnhavn, so if any delegation would like translators, the High Commission for Foreign Affairs can arrange that.

If any nation would like more information, please contact The high commission for foreign affairs.

The Protectorate of Hopal II