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NorthPacificVision 5 - Hosted by Railroad Crossing

NorthPacificVision - Railroad Crossing 5
The 5th Version of the Beautiful Event

Credit to Cowbridge

During the 4th Version of the NorthPacificVision, hosted by Kartujia, Railroad Crossing's team won the challenge. Therefore, they get to host.
Place: Economica (RC Territory)
A place known for being economically prosperous and has good resorts.
Motto: The Sky is Not The Limit

Song entry is due by July 1st.
Voting is due on July 5th.
Competition will start on July 12th.
If you do not enter a vote by the 3rd, then you are automatically ejected from the competition.
If there are no more than ten people entering the contest, I will cancel it for all eternity.
More than ten nations have submitted into the contest! This rule is hereby abolished.

Rules for your song:
• The song can’t be any longer than 4 minutes long.
• This is a replica of the Eurovision Song Contest so all songs from The Eurovision is banned
• Don’t use songs who have already been in the competition!
• No political, religious or any message which could be counted as discrimination is allowed.
• The song has to have lyrics!
• No threatening or other similar things that for an example Country number B has to give you top points because if not you will declare war against him
• If it feels like cheating it probably is cheating. Don’t take the risk! You will get caught
• Please keep to update and read the telegrams the host will send to you.

Special Thanks to Republica Guilleana for starting this event!
Also a Big Hip, Hip, Hooray to Santamar for giving me extra advice!

Nations Competing:
Railroad Crossing



The Eastern Germanic Peoples

Republica Guilleana

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

Anne of Cleves


Chinese rebel

North Werra Randia Islands

Disqualified for Switching Regions


Disqualified for Switching Regions


Switched Regions, But Owns
Trastamara Islands

Arbor Marshes



By zantium
Switched Regions (Banned) But stays in Competition.




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