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Serbianese! News: Issue no. 2


St. Vitus Day

Today, on the 28th of June, is St. Vitus Day (Видовдан/Vidovdan), the most important Serbian holiday. Serbianese! News wishes all Serbs in the game and other brothers Serbs a merry St. Vitus Day. Срећан Видовдан!

Written and edited by: Allied Serbs

First issue of Serbianese! News receives positive reviews

The first issue of Serbianese! has received wide positive receptiveness, and we at the Serbianese! News team would like to thank all readers who complimented our newspaper. We have also made it to no. 4 on the NS dispatches page! Here are some comments of the audience:

New Jakobly: Love the issue.
Trillmore: Great newspaper, well done.
Vetiaca: This article was great. Thinking about it, would be nice if the Allied Conservative States had an official newspaper, right? Perhaps Serbianese would do.
Written and edited by: Allied Serbs

New Secretary of Interior

The fire born has resigned as Secretary of Interior, explaining that he simply doesn't have enough time to run the RP anymore. Allied Serbs has been chosen as the new Secretary of Interior, and has announced that the Interior Secretariat will be planning a lot of new activities under his administration. The role-play has also now continued to run after a brief pause.

Written and edited by: Allied Serbs

RCN merger proposed

A merger between the Allied Conservative States and the Republic of Conservative Nations has been proposed, and many ideas are already being exchanged. It seems as the merger will almost definitely happen now. A Constitutional Convention will most probably be organised for exchange of ideas between all members of both regions on the ACS Discord server.

Written and edited by: Allied Serbs

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