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Eurasian Alliance Pact (EAP)

Eurasian Alliance Pact (EAP)



The Federal Republic of Eurasies (Leader and Founder)

The Protectorate of Subrasil (Secretary)

The Final of The Champions League (Member)

The Kingdom of Outer Sparta (Member)

The Empire of United Engiresco (Member)

The Constitutional Monarchy of Permorania (Member)

The Commonwealth of Poland-Kaliningrad (Member)

The Black lives matter of The Kingdom of Denmark (Member)

The Kingdom of The English Peoples Union (Member)





- We must get along among all nations
- Communists and dictatorships banned, we try to follow democratic guidelines
- In the event that a member nation of this alliance declares war on it, all other nations are bound by membership to assist in the war
- Failure to help in a war is considered an act of high treason, and the expulsion of the Covenant


● Safeguarding peace among member nations
● Intervene in wars if we feel threatened or affected
● Maintain democracy between our nations
● Help each other
Protect Europe before any foreign threat

The following positions are vacant :

- Chancellor

- Application Manager

Allied Alliances

The Triple Alliance (Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire, Poland-Kaliningrad, Anskerdank, The Kingdom of Denmark)

The Commonwealth of Nations (United Engiresco, Drew Durrnil)

We have no enemy alliances at the moment

If you want to be part of the EAP, simply fill out the following form and send it to me by telegram, your application will be studied by Eurasies :

- Full name of your nation :
- Who is your Head of State (President, King, Emperor, Prime Minister ...) :
- You are capitalist or socialist? :
- Belong to Europe? :
- Government system (Republic, Monarchy, Dictatorship) :
- Do you want to occupy an position or only member? (chancellor, application manager) :