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Fylkirvegr State of The Region Declaration Issue I

The Fylkirvegr Enchiridion


We, the Norse region of Fylkirvegr, would like to celebrate our first state of the region declaration since our founding sixteen days ago, by the King Freedomanica! We as a region have grown from just 9 nations to a whopping 25 nations with Hellenic Army and West Osettia as our new additions over the past fifteen hours! We have grown within our regional government introducing our new democratically elected Prime Minister, Bizenia, and our newly elected Deputy Prime Minister, Lycadia! They have, in my belief, have served the region with Honor, Duty, Valor! They will be remembered!

We would like to thank our regional government for their efforts as they have never let me or the Prime Minister down, and has always wanted the best for the region, I am so blessed to receive such a talented bunch of NationStates nations!

I would like to commend Maleolithia Reborn as the nation commited itself in serving the regional government, who always wanted the best for the region, but I had overworked him, I say this, because I am an honest leader, and I was wrong to stress him out, as it was a desire for some nations just to chill. I thought that it is an honor, but I should have known that some nations just want to chill, I apologize once again. The nation put its heart on its sleeve, and I would just like to commend Maleolithia Reborn, for the efforts.

I would like to also commend The Roman republic a, for his efforts in managing the state of Asgard, one of the nine states of Yggdrasil, he has always ruled as Governor with a wise fair hand and has always twirled towards freedom, as well as being the first nation in Fylkirvegr, and has always believe in us, now we repay his faith! As the longest nation in Fylkirvegr, besides the chosen six, here they are for reference:

Should you require more information about these nation, go to our dispatch below, on the Great Founding of Fylkirvegr! It really is a good story!

After the great battle between the forces of evil and good in Ragnarok long ago. Every living thing was thought to have been perished between all the nine worlds, but in Midgard, the clever Esir gods told the great God of Air, Freedomanica, to get four families of Vikings at the time with rich in birth of young and to be with them during the great Ragnarok in the deepest roots of Yggdrasil.

ďProtect them, donít let them get into any harm and rule the society you will make!Ē

Odin -King of The Esir Gods

Before I had departured to retrieve the lucky bunch, Odin knew the fate of the Realm and he then gave me a special orb that was green and had leave-indents on the exterior it looked glamorous when I contemplated it, Frigg, the most beautiful goddess out of all the Esir gods said it had the ability to bring Yggdrasil to life, she called it the Orb of Life. I was honored by what they had given me. For I, in terms of the other Godsí opinions especially Thor the thunder god, was the best leader after Odin, of course.

I had flown blissfully like a flying eagle down Yggdrasil to Midgard, the inhabitants of the humans. I already knew who I was going to choose:

  • Tropolistia -This sweet eco-friendly was one of the sweetest women alive, she had rose petals on her hair and it really brought out her hair, she had 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls, with a well-respected man who worked as a carpenter at the time, Tropolistia was the most eco friendly people I knew, when I saw those petals on her forehead, I knew nothing about the toxic air pollution there was in many of the cities in Midgard

  • Marcellion -This nobleman was not really nice in the opinions of many, however, If you really got to know him, he is the sweetest man alive. He was hurt in many friendships in his past especially being bullied during his school years, but once you get his trust, he can really be a lifesaver. He has a wife and 4 kids, one boy, three girls

  • Francessiano -This man was another noblemen at the time, who ruled the Kingdom of Fjord with a fair hand, he had a liking in diplomacy between many nations and was thought of as the Ďpeacemakerí. He ended many wars and was helped by Marcellion, Duke of Heimmeir (going to come back to this kingdom later on), as this Kingdom was known for its intelligence on other nations and had outstanding military forces. Francessiano had 8 children and he was the richest nobleman perhaps alive at that time after Odin obviously, but he would not know that! 7 children were boys, 1 a girl

  • Angelic Holiness -This holy nobleman was the Pope, who ruled 10 kingdoms all under her administration, yes the Pope was a powerful leader, but was humble, kind, joyful, loved, reverent to Odin and was extremely wise. Her holiness had powers she was able to summon Angels who would do her bidding, apparently, she was gifted by Odin for his reverence towards him, and was awarded for her noble actions. That is why I chose her (in my opinion, Odin forced me to pick her, but I was glad anyways). This women brought birth to 6 female angels and 8 male angels. The angels that are born proved to be much more powerful than those summoned by her. Eventually these angels would become Security Councillors, who would defend the region under the Leadership of Marcellion and then (lower in the hierarchy) Demonic Evility (we will get to the lad later on) from raiders trying to get the Prime Minister position (please, this is later on)

  • Drathalon -This man, is the oldest person I had recruited. He was the Royal weapon smith in the Kingdom of Heimmeir (told you we would get back to it) it is said that if he gave you a diamond sword, it would be able to cut a whole mountain in half, so he was a great liability. He also was really into the community and was committed to social equality and peacekeeping. He has 4 children, all of them girls

  • Demonic Evility -This man, to be honest with you, nothing was good about him, he was evil straight to the core, however he was the most equality-focused man on Midgard. He was a judge at one of the kingdoms of The Pope, Angelic Holiness, and darn, he was a good judge! He lied a lot, but never broke any rules of Law & Order. He always served his kingdom with commitment, despite his reputation, he was the bringer of justice. He had 7 children, all boys

  • Fylkirvegr -This man in terms of leadership, was the best in his Kingdom. He told me dreams of his ambitions for his kingdom, I was so impressed, did I mention he is also the wisest even beating Angelic Holiness, that I brought him before the mighty God, Odin. He shared many traits of what I wanted to have after the terrible Ragnarok. He had 15 children (the most), 10 girls and 5 boys. He would eventually become my Ďadvisorí as The Regional Nation, he had the power he deserved

I had hid them and their families in the centre deep roots of the mighty tree of Yggdrasil, I protected them while on their journey I even had to face Surtr, ruler of Muspelheim. The battle was ferocios, perhaps if you would join our region, I might tell you, but for now, NOPE! We wiggled ourselves past all of the Pope Kingdoms, past the Kingdom of Heimmeir, and then there it was, the trunk of Yggdrasil. When these mortals saw it, they were amazed. They only could see the trunk of Yggdrasil since they were at Midgard. I tucked them in the roots of Yggdrasil, so tight, luckily the Vortex would not transport us out to Asgard and the Esir, or to the bottom of Svartaflheim.

After Ragnarok, we were astonished by what we saw, however we knew we had to move forward, Asgard was in rubble, Jotunheimís blissful mountain scenery was lost in smoke, Muspelheim, well was the same dream it always was!

We then decided to found all the nine realms of:

  • Asgard (home of the capital city of Valhalla)

  • Muspelheim

  • Jotunheim

  • Midgard (important world... soon going to be called Ďstateí)

  • Svartalfheim

  • Helheim

  • Afleheim

  • Vanaheim

  • Niflheim

    These realms would be states and the capital is Valhalla in the state of Asgard. I rule the nation, we called it Fylkirvegr, there would be nine governors of the nine states, a prime minister we are still trying to find (come to our region, it might be yours). Me, the ruler, the King of Fylkirvegr. We then became the great region we still believe in, all eight of us!

Read dispatch

We would also like to commend The two Sicilis, who is to date, the second oldest nation in Fylkirvegr, after The Roman republic a, the nation was wonderful because the nation commited itself to an active message board in Fylkirvegr and always wanting the best in terms of activity and friendliness in the region! His services are deeply appreciated! As a wise Governor of Muspelheim! I have to say, never went wrong in a fine approximately 10 days in office.

Here are the other government officials of Fylkirvegr:

  • Isle of Viterna, who is our Minister of International Security, protections our region and the Prime Minister from nasty invaders, as well as always wanting, in my belief, justice, order and fairness, his days will always be remembered

  • Bomboza, as our Minister of Home Affairs, he has always, once again in my belief, devoted himself and his time and patience to telegram new nation that come to Fylkirvegr, some knowledge in mind about the various generic things there is to do in Fylkirvegr, I commend him for his service

  • Libberttallia, as our Minister of Social Development, has never put a foot wrong, and has, and is to date, always kept the people within, happy and has promoted a good atmosphere in the regional message board and regional forums

  • YEETUSMCNEETUSheetus, as our Minister of Communications, unfortunately, was not present to write the state of the region declaration, however, he served his time as Minister with respect and honor, if he were here to write this, he would be much better than me

  • Koa koma, as our Governor of Vanaheim, has served with an honorable hand and is committed to his efforts and job and will be remembered and appreciated for years to come

  • All the arabs, as our Governor of Aflheim, he ruled the state of Aflheim, with good intentions and motives, I had always believed in the wise fella

  • Griteron, as our Governor of Midgard, has always been competitive and has once, only once seized the position of Chief Governor Representative of his state Midgard! After luring the Prime Minister, Bizenia, to his state. He has always ruled his state with a just hand and was perhaps the wisest governor of his state, Midgard. He was both competent and friendly thus, he was one of the best Governors ever

  • ACapitalistEnvironment, who, in my opinion, has done well, as Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, as he had strengthened our diplomatic presence and our voting power in the World Assembly, which is remarkable

The Governors of the nine states, have been committing their time, to their respective region, and the honored Chief Governor Representative of Asgard, The Roman republic a, has always kept the diplomacy between the Governor and their respective regions settled and organized in a planned government, if you are interested in becoming a Governor, telegram me, Freedomanica, the King, or alternatively, read the informational dispatch below!

The governors of Fylkirvegr, manage their respect states in an organized system, however are competitive with each other regarding power. Currently Governor of Asgard, The Roman republic a, has all the power, as not mentioned before that the most recruits for a state, will result in you getting power, because even though the Governor of Asgard has no recruits, his state is home to the regional capital city, Valhalla! However, one of the other eight states can overthrow him if they at least get one recruit over him and all the other states! They will receive pose of Embassies, Polls, Border Control and Communications! So what are the governors doing, getting more recruits to outwit all the other states to receive that in-game power, as well as in addition to getting power, they will have a more powerful voice at the table of Gimli, the regional assembly.

Want to join this endless saga? Come to Fylkirvegr! We will automatically make you a Governor!

Read dispatch

Real Life Matters

The current pandemic has changed our lives in many different ways, we are reminded about the current statistics including death, cases and other dastardly happenings out there. The novel coronavirus pandemic can be the moment the world pushes back against fear and isolationism, and turns instead towards hope, solidarity and a shared sense of global community.

These are fearful times, to be sure. Some 3.55 million people have been infected by COVID-19 and nearly a quarter of a million have perished. Billions of people are on lockdown or in self isolation.

Yet this pandemic and the fear, dread, and anxiety that it has induced has not occurred in isolation. For years, we have existed under the constant and pervasive feeling that things are getting worse, that we are failing each other and that we are failing our planet. This isnít helped by a daily news cycle that reads like an ever-escalating drumbeat of anxiety. Climate change, war and conflict, isolationism and trade wars; our world, at times, feels dark and lonely, and this despite the many, many positive news stories that exist but that rarely get attention.

Global togetherness

No one doubts that COVID-19 is one of the most dire threats the world has ever faced. And yet, amidst the confusion and anxiety, there are ever stronger signs of hope and solidarity, a sense of, and desire for, togetherness.

It is this spirit of global togetherness that gives us hope. In this time of crisis, we are all neighbours in the world, and success will only be achieved when all people, in all countries, are protected.

Thankfully, this shared sense of responsibility has seen a world come together in ways that we have not seen for some time, and the examples are everywhere.

In the U.K., an army of volunteers has come forth to support their neighbors. As stated in the New York Times, ďWhen the government appealed recently for 250,000 people to help the National Health Service, more than 750,000 signed up. It was forced to temporarily stop taking applicants so it could process the flood.Ē

In Somalia, where health infrastructure and traditional media have suffered under decades of strife, local storytellers are being equipped with the skills and tools to reach remote communities and educate them on best practices against COVID-19. The initiative is a collaboration between UNDP Somaliaís Accelerator Lab and experts from Australiaís Queensland University and Digital Storytellers.

And, as pointed out by Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Youth Envoy, young people from Syria to Peru to South Sudan are helping to tackle misinformation, raise community awareness and support the elderly.

Such examples are spreading like wildfire as people seek out a light at the end of the tunnel and work to show, to each other, that we all stand together. We see this in the towns and cities around the globe where citizens are painting hearts on windows, where crowds cheer for healthcare workers, and where everyday people perform songs on social media to help lift spirits.

Leaning into hope

Without ignoring the realities we face, it is clear that the world is reaching for a positive message. These words were echoed by UN Secretary-General Antůnio Guterres to world leaders, as he emphasized the need for solidarity and global cooperation.

His call has resonated. Long sought-after partnerships with private sector companies are suddenly coming to fruition as everyone steps up to pitch in. UNDP has recently partnered with Variety on a global ad campaign. And UNDPís new partnership with Heart17, a global initiative using creativity and innovation to accelerate the SDGs and light a spark of hope among the young generation, has brought together major players within fashion and popular culture, such as H&M Group and Spotify, to share their media space for messages around health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Certainly there will be many lessons learned once COVID-19 has passed, and UNDPís Accelerator Labs has assessed some of the post-COVID-19 trends they see emerging. A key takeaway is this: COVID-19 has been a sort of reset across societies, across sectors. From telecommuting for work or school, to supply chain management, to support for health systems, and small and medium enterprises, to mental health support across borders or simply across the street, COVID-19 has forced us to look at how we work as a species on this planet.

Amidst the pain that we continue to endure, we should find comfort in the stories of hope and solidarity, and continue to see the value in the positive, encouraging lessons that are emerging for our post-COVID world.

Embassy Portal

We would like to congratulate and celebrate all the regions we are friends with, but we would especially like to commend Farkasfalka, Gypsy Lands and Click Here! Who have interacted with us the most. We will first start with Farkasfalka, we initially received an invitation from, the WA Delegate, Kustonia, to have embassies with him, eventually we agreed and we made the right decision! Their message board is so vriendly welcome and inviting, Kustonia, is an honorable nation, and we knew that embassies with him are going to unite our two regions together in unity, I was not surprised he was the esteemed WA Delegate.

We would then like to further commend Gypsy Lands, for proposing embassies with us, their region is friendly, bustling and organized. The nation of Gypsy Lands, is a wonderful nation, and in my eyes always wants the best for the region, as well as serving us some tea, we really loved it, in return we gave them ale (beer), meat and fish! One of their regional government associates, Hermes Express 123, is a good leader because, he took the time to offer up the regionís humble services to help us, by offering us with assistance in terms of roleplay, and so forth! His offer will be remembered and he has and always will have a good heart!

We lastly, would like to congratulate Click Here and their esteemed leader, CLICK-HERE, as our first regional embassy, the nation of CLICK-HERE, was the first one to have posted something on our regional message board and he was so friendly, and I could see the leader within him! He was extremely friendly and always wants to consolidate relations and we humbly appreciate his time.


Itís June, and that means schools getting out, summer plans are being finalized and itís Pride month. Itís rare that we share anything very specific to being a part of the LGBTQ community, but I think that particularly this month itís important to talk about and share. Here are 10 reasons why Pride matters both to our family and why it should matter to you. Pride Checklist at the end!!!


The first reason why pride matters is because everybody should feel comfortable and safe being themselves wherever they are. For us, that means going to our kidsí school functions as a family. I had a lot of anxiety when I took the kids to a school event knowing that Chris would arrive late and our secret would be out.
Why would I care about this? Because nobody likes to be stared at, and no matter how long Iíve been out or how long weíve been married, I feel like there are always eyes. It could very well be that nobody cares, but I was conditioned my whole life to be disgusted by gay people and breaking that frame of mind is difficult. Pride matters because being present and active in your own life is the only way to become comfortable with who you are and living your best life.


Example: as Pride parades and celebrations grow and more and more LGBTQ allies participate, it shows those who arenít a vocal supporter of minorities, like our community, that we are a part of their world and are here to stay, making positive progress for all.
During Pride season, people are more openly shown the good in the world and that a.) they can be a part of that good or b.) they need to think about their own views and behaviors.
There is a difficult side to the awareness in Pride season. Weíll actually let you read all about it in this article about harassment. We were severely attacked through a series of threats and online bullying that included everything from name-calling and inappropriate jokes to having direct threats to have the kids taken away. Pride season seems to empower the trolls to be their worst selves. The added visibility and awareness goes both ways.


Even though there is an amazing online community of LGBTQ parents, people in real life donít often think of two-dad or two-mom families as being common or having the same life events as hetero families. Another reason why Pride matters is because it provides an opportunity for LGBTQ families to be visible in large numbers.

Small towns may not have many LGBTQ families, but regional events for Pride bring families from all around. If you donít think there are many same-sex couples raising kids in your area, go to a community Pride event and see.


Itís funny, but the reason we donít like to participate in a lot of Pride events is the same reason why Pride matters: celebrating people of every style, love or culture. The last time we went to the Seattle Pride Parade with kids there were all kinds of things happening that werenít what we wanted to explain to our young children. Pride celebrations include more expressions of life than just marching and sharing that you can face the world without fear.

We donít identify with the leather daddy culture or the pup/master stuff. Weíre not into drag performance. We donít feel the need to attach overt sexuality to our clothing choices or stroll through the city wearing Speed-os. Thereís so much going on at Pride celebrations and even though most of it is totally not us or how we live our lives, itís important for us to be present and celebrate the freedom everybody else has to be who they are.

Too many people view Pride parades and celebrations as public debauchery and flagrant secularism. There is indeed a lot of fun and craziness at the different festivals and parties that may happen in different cities, but there are also street fairs showcasing LGBTQ artisans, family events to bring gay parents together, parades for EVERYONE to enjoy together. Celebrating the incredible diversity is what itís all about.


Having a whole month dedicated to Pride with ongoing events and celebrations is incredible, especially considering how not so recent history would never have thought the LGBTQ community would be able to live openly, freely and happily. Pride matters because countless people have lost their jobs, families and lives to be able to live in peace with themselves.

Also, despite the current administration trying to roll back the clock or LGBTQ rights and protections, progress is being made daily, and thatís to be celebrated. With each progressive law, new representation in television and film, with each elected leader from our community taking their post, history is being made.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in New York City. At that time, only fifty years ago, people werenít OUT and violence and harassment was a normal occurrence with minimal legal protections of any sort. Today, we can live out and proud, having completely different lives than those who paved the way for us. We can hold hands, dress how we want, have families, and for the most part do so without fear. A lot of brave women and men fought for that and what we have today is thanks to them.

A huge reason for celebrating and why Pride matters is so that their struggles are not forgotten and to help progress continue.


Today, being out and living life with pride, I hope that kids who are growing up like I did can see our family and gain a little hope and confidence that they can find peace and happiness some day. I hope that by sharing our journey of starting a family and traveling others, both younger and older, can challenge their comfort levels and live a more full life.

Celebrating Pride and the events that surround it in different cities a great way to support the next generation of LGBTQ youth. Pride matters for providing opportunities for kids to have a safe place to express themselves and be embraced by a community. As I said before, many gay kids grow up not being accepted. If thereís one thing that will make you feel on top of the world and ready to take another brave step itís being cheered on by supportive people.
Between the general vibe of Pride happenings and giving positive attention to youth who donít often get that sort of visibility, for youth why Pride matters is to give strength for future battles they will have to face.


Education. I heard a comment the other day from a man saying that Christians need to take the rainbow back from the gays. Okay, you do that. His statement was that the rainbow is a reminder that God wonít flood the earth again and that the gays need to be washed away with a great flood. Thatís not cool in any sense. Yeah, the LGBTQ community has taken that rainbow as a symbol and turned it into something amazing: inclusivity.

A lot of people donít know that the rainbow flag actually has a bigger meaning than colorful happiness. And did you know that there are several versions of the LGBTQ rainbow flag? Itís true! Here is what each of the original six colors of the rainbow flag means:

On behalf of Fylkirvegr, we would like to say happy pride month to all the people and LGBTQ!


In the future, by December, 2020, we hope that we will be able to start elections for the regional government such as for the office of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Justice, Speaker, WA, GA and SC Secretariat and much more! We hope that the elections will just give nations within, a clear and variable understanding of our complex government system!

By 2021, we hope that we would reach 100 nations respectively, and we know we can do this, because I have faith in my region, we have just have so much to do, and I, the King, will always serve my region! We have already opened the gateway to our regional roleplay, regional anthem, our regional Google Site and so much more!

Closing Remarks

Well, that is all from us, thank you for your time and patience in reading Fylkirvegrís State of The Region Declaration! Should you have any queries and/or questions to arise, please feel free to contact the King, Freedomanica or the Prime Minister, Bizenia and happy pride month to everyone, especially Gay!