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Thaecia This Week!

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[size=150][b][i]Executive News:[/i][/b][/size]
[box][b][nation]Xernon[/nation] elected to President[/b]
In a three-horse race for President this election, [nation]Xernon[/nation] was once again elected President of Thaecia, their 4th term in the position. In the race with Xernon were two Senators from the last term, [nation]Snowflame[/nation] and [nation]Fishergate[/nation]. President Xernon reached the quota in the first round with 53 votes with Snowflame winning 35 votes and  Fishergate taking only 9 votes in the first round. The President's next job will be to take the Delegacy, which we hope runs smoothly.[/box]

[box][b][nation]Korsinia[/nation] dominates PM election[/b]
In a non-surprising result, incumbent candidate [nation]Korsinia[/nation] was re-elected as Prime Minister, winning 61 first-round votes. Kors had the backing of many prominent Thaecians, including former-President [nation]Titanne[/nation] and the new President [nation]Xernon[/nation]. The nations running against Kors were me, [nation]Pap Sculgief[/nation] and [nation]Indian Genius[/nation]. With Kors now looking to select a cabinet, it was announced that the Education Minster and the Foreign Affairs Minister have already been selected, and nations can apply for the Interior, Culture or Justice Ministries. Kors looks set for a successful 4 months in charge.

[size=150][b][i]Legislative News:[/i][/b][/size]
[box][b]Potential Coalitions in the Senate[/b]
The waves of independents that Thaecia has seen over the last few months hasn't affected the Senate this election, with only one Independent Senator in the chamber. The rest of the Senate is made up of 2 seats for the TPU and TFP, and one seat for Solidarity and LPT. With this, comes a lot of potential for a coalition between parties, which would have a significant effect on the future of the chamber.[/box]

[box][b]Overwhelming number of Independents in the HoC[/b]
While the Senate looks set for a party-coalition, the House of Commons on the other hand, is swarmed with independents, as only three seats were won by a party. Many notable independents include former-EC [nation]Rhyssua[/nation] and incumbent [nation]Zanaana[/nation]. With the chamber not dominated by party politics, it should be an interesting term for the HoC and the MPs.[/box]

[size=150][i][b]Other News:[/b][/i][/size]
[box][b]Thaecast makes its debut[/b]
Thaecia has it's own podcast now, and it looks set to stay. The first episode, discussing the election, appeared very popular among citizens, and brought an extra layer to Thaecian culture. The first episode included Senator [nation]Andusre[/nation], Electoral Commissioner [nation]Dizgovzy[/nation], ex-MP [nation]The Marconian State[/nation], member of the EC [nation]Hulldom[/nation], [nation]United Cascadian Peoples[/nation] and Senator [nation]Islonia[/nation]. The topic was the recent elections and all forms of government were discussed. They also discussed predictions for the cabinet and potential significant topics for the coming term. With commentary and questions going on as well, it seems that Thaecast will be a regular fixture in Thaecia.[/box]

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