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Physiology of the Oiilo

The morphology of the Oiilo resembles that of a combination of both a frog and a human but it has many key differences that makes them different from any other species. The Oiilo naturally is a quadrupedal species but has taught to walk upright in some cases such as reaching to far off places and grabbing things. It has a prehensile tail on where it can hang on things and grab items within its range, although hanging on things is deemed to be painful due to the stress upon the tail and the backside of it, most Oiilo do not engage in this activity unless absolutely necessary as the tail itself also has bones which shows the maximum articulation it is capable of doing. Its legs are extremely long when extended but when contracted it becomes 1/3 of the length and with this the Oiilo are capable of jumping twice its body length and some capable of jumping far distances if possible. Its body shape is similar to that of a double trapezoid as a bulge on the chest extends outward to its body. Its arms are far shorter than that of their legs but it is incapable of being dislocated due to the unique muscle structure of the Oiilo. Both of their hands and feet are webbed and in threes and when in contact with a surface a sort of secondary web would attach to the surface forming an extremely adhesive which allows the Oiilo to climb up on walls and ceilings with ease. Its neck extends to its head in a singular tubular fashion and its elongated head shows no signs of any form of sensory organ or even a mouth. On the side and backside of the head is one of the airways that the Oiilo are capable of breathing through, although a mouth isn’t shown it is covered by the fleshy part of their “face” and every time they speak, their speech is similar to that of an echoed voice or three voices speaking at once.

Despite not having any clear indication of sensory organs, its sensory organs are small and are under the rim of the head and near the airways. Due to not having any sort of visual sensory organ, other senses are massively heightened as a result. As such, Oiilo are adept at using their sense of hearing, smell, and touch to navigate its surroundings and locate objects, with their sensory range extending a remarkable distance: with their auditory capabilities, Oiilo are able to use echoes to detect terrain features and pick up on the sounds of their opponent's motion in order to predict their movements; with their olfactory capabilities, Oiilo are capable of figuring out the number of enemies as well as their health status and equipment based on their scent;with their tactile capabilities, Oiilo are able to fine-tune the topographical information it has obtained through their auditory sense. The Oiilo mostly use their auditory senses to fight, being able to map out their environment and identify its victims in their mind using only sound, even sounds as faint as one's heartbeat. Even if most of the auditory organs are ruptured, The Oiilo can still fight at full capacity. In the case that the functionality of their ears are extremely limited, the Oiilo can uses their olfactory processes to predict the opponent by smelling their sweat and blood, however it is not as fine-tuned as their sense of hearing and can make their attacks become inaccurate as a result.

The Oiilo do not eat but instead drink everything they acquire. They are unable to eat due to their closed mouths, although a small slit on where the lips/mouth should be exists and where liquids are capable of entering their mouths. Although they are capable of ingesting their food through the airways as the pipe intersects with the food pipe, this is heavily discouraged as choking is a high risk. The Oiilo, although 50% of their life consists of being submerged in water due to being amphibians, are capable of breathing carbon dioxide like nitrogen and oxygen is to humans. A process discorporate carbon from the gas and then becomes waste, either through sweat or defecation, and yes both forms of waste are highly flammable. They are completely incapable of ingesting lactose, theobromine, acetic acid, MSG, polyphenol, and amylase and death occurs in seconds or minutes of ingesting any amount of these as internal organs rupture and “explode” killing the person. Similar to an actual frog, it has three livers, although said livers are encased in a tough and hard muscle which coincidentally also protects the heart as the liver is located in front of the heart like an armor plating made out of muscle.

They have a highly elongated brain due to the shape of their cranium, The cerebellum and cerebrum are of the same size and are somewhat interconnected like a single mass and is the reason why the Oiilo are adept with only hearing and other sensory organs as are amplified and do not receive that much variable change and information as that of requiring visual aid. Their central spinal cord also acts as a "substitute brain" in case the main brain itself becomes incapacitated for various reasons, although the substitute brain only acts as a form of self-conservation and would "deactivate" once the main brain recovers.

Their skin is highly sensitive to the very surroundings, temperature is an important factor for the Oiilo regarding their survivability and comfortability. The range of 28°C to 45°C with an upper limit of 52°C. Temperature even slightly below 28°C would induce chilling and by 20°C the body undergoes intense hypothermia and would die in less than 5 minutes, at 54°C there is a high chance of a heat stroke and by 60°C the body is essentially burning from the inside. Humidity must be 60% and above as their skin requires to be wet almost at all times, if their skin dries blood circulation stops throughout the entire body.

The Theocracy of Oiilo