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Interview with EC Dizgovzy!

Thaecia This Week Interviews!

Today we have Electoral Commissioner, Dizgovzy!

Pap: So, hello Diz! Please take a seat! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Thaecia This Week!

Diz: Hello Pap! I'm glad to be here and I very much enjoyed the first edition of TTW

Pap: That's great! So, it's been a busy couple of days for you as EC, how busy were you exactly?

Diz: Well, Hulldom and I split the work due to my current "technological situation". I organized the election, candidates, ballots, and graphics, which was a lot of stuff, but it was significantly helped by Hulldom's absolutely stunning work in doing all the work tabbing and figuring out who won.

Pap: So Hulldom helped a lot then, bet you must be thankful. You were also faced with a few troll votes, how did you have to deal with that?

Diz: I mean, troll votes are pretty easy to notice. What was more concerning is that we had a few instances of voter impersonation- that's why I check every vote and code.

Pap: That's good to hear, are you planning on moving on from the EC anytime in the future, or are you not making plans at the moment?

Diz: When I do leave the EC, I think Hulldom is going to be an amazing continuation. I am thinking of going for a Ministry position after the next general election.

Pap: That sounds interesting, good luck on your plans! As EC, how hard is it to avoid publicly announcing your opinions, because when you eventually leave the commission, you are free to be biased

Diz: Oh, it's excruciating not being able to voice my opinion. I try to show as little bias as possible but it's pretty obvious who I support and I can't wait to show that support.

Pap: Yeah, I would say I understand, but I've never been EC so I don't know what it's like! But once you leave the EC and like you said, aim for a Ministry position, where do you see yourself fit in best?

Diz: I am definitely more of a NSGP than other people here, so I would very much like to run the FAM. Foreign affairs has always been one of my strengths and favours when it comes to NS.

Pap: Sounds like you've got it sorted! You ever tempted to run for President or PM?

Diz: Between the two, I would definitely prefer President as I prefer site over discord and stuff. But I would like to serve as FAM after EC first. As quickly as I've assimilated into this region, I don't think I have the longevity yet to serve as Pres/PM.

Pap: Yeah, you haven't been here long, but you've already made quite a name for yourself. Will Thaecia be your home for the foreseeable future, or do you think you'll have to leave?

Diz: Leave this region? Absolutely preposterous. I'm staying here, deal with it! Haha

Pap: Ha! So Diz is here to stay! I hope you are legally able to answer this, but what's your opinion on the future of political parties in the region?

Diz: I think honestly, the Independent Party is gonna keep dominating for a bit until we increase the size of Congress again. I think an increase of seats will give a rebirth to the parties.

Pap: Interesting, so, final question, who's your biggest inspiration in the region?

Diz: I'm going to say Terry. As an EC I am just amazed in the amount of work he did for the Commission- many more hours than I would even come close to, as Terry pretty much made all of the graphics I use today. His dedication to the position was one of the main reasons I felt that the EC could be the thing for me.

Pap: That's nice. Anyway, thanks for sitting down with me today for this interview and good luck in the future!

Diz: Thank you for having me!