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The Labyrinth Times

1st Edition June 29, 2020 (logo by El Spana)

Labyrinth Government Update

As usual, the Labyrinthian government is hard at work to continue improving the labyrinth, here's what they've been up to this week.

The Council Update

Ugosal's Proposed Voting act approved, but vetoed!?
Ugosalís Voting Act was recently passed by the council, which aimed to help the everyday citizens of the labyrinth get more involved in the government. The official proposed act will be attached below. Interestingly, the act was vetoed by King Minos not long after its passing, due to some mistakes in the proposed act. This is the second time the act has been proposed, we'll see if the act is amended and is presented again.

Swiftlandia's Alternate Accounts Act proposed to the Council
The Swiftlandian People's Republic alternate accounts act is under very careful consideration. It is being voted upon soon. It will prove very useful if his act is passed. The act will help keep alts in check, and make sure that all alts are registered as ďnon-mainĒ accounts. It will also help keep election fair, as it helps make sure that voters can not use alts in order to rig an election. This is an unfair advantage to those who are supported by citizens using these alt accounts illegally, and would bring in unfair votes.

Questions Regarding the Council Speaker Position
In other news, there is currently no way to elect a new council speaker, so Merni might not be retiring any time soon. Good luck! Honestly Merni is so good at the job, this could be an elaborate ruse to keep them there. You didnít hear it from me.

A list of acts and documents mentioned:

(these news updates were written by inter-regional government reporter Doctriniumn)

Cabinet Update

WAluigi Delegate and Vice Delegate Inter-regional activity
No major news from these two offices, El Spana did hold a regional hunger games recently which you can see in the #gamenight channel on the Linkregional discord server

WAluigi Delegate WA update
El Spana did not make any proposals, he did vote on many proposal's though. Here's how El Spana voted on this week's proposals
El Spana voted for the World Assembly Resolution Fair Arbitration Act, and Commend The Salaxalans and voted against the World Assembly Resolution Condemn Australian rePublic, and Standards On Police Accountability

Foreign Affairs and Embassy Updates
It's been a busy week for Portugal Is Great in the office of foreign affairs. This week alone we have gained 3 embassies, and lost 1. We gained embassies with Labyrinth, or as they put it a colony of the Labyrinth, Phoenix Partners, a new region founded only 3 months ago and Union of Democrats, a region that aims to be the largest democratic region in NationStates. We closed an embassy with the Alterran Republic. Which we will talk about in more detail later in the news.

Internal Affairs News
Overall a quiet week in Internal Affairs, here's what happened though. Many nations have begun to wonder and question Secretary of Internal Affairs Munifia due to his accused recent inactivity and no proposals. He was active toady though. We gained quite a few new nations this week, as Minos continues to recruit, to all those new nations, welcome, we're glad to have you! Unfortunately 2 (known/major/rp) nations CTEed, Libarcia and Aeromar, we are sad to see any member go, they will be missed. There are no security threats or impending decisions regarding internal affairs, that we know of at this time.

Cultural Affairs
Swiftlandia has been busy implementing many new things recently, here's what they are. The first new change being implemented by Swiftlandia is Roleplay Training, while the training is voluntary, it is highly encouraged for all new nations. Anyone who wants to recieve the training is asked to telegram Swiftlandian Peoples Republic. Swiftlandia is also working on adding terrain to the map. Nations on the Roleplay Map are asked to telegram Swiftlandia with the terrain of their nations. For more info please refer to the official roleplay map. Speaking of the roleplay...
(the cabinet updates were written by yours truly Swiftlandian Peoples Republic)

Labyrinth RP news

Now time for some roleplay news, a rather quiet week, but still action nonetheless, so let's get into it.

Collapsed governments
Starting off with some sad roleplay news the governments of Libarcia, and Aeromar have collapsed and their land is now unoccupied. We are sad to see these two nations gone.

New nations
There is a new nation joining the RP, Mojave Chapter Brotherhood of Steel, he is located south of Moosh and the Moneygoodland colony, as far as alliances go he quickly joined the Economic Stabilizers alliance. We are always glad to see new faces in the RP. Welcome to the Labyrinth, Mojave!

There remain some high tensions in the unstable east, which resulted in a war breaking out in Poland, and tensions are near an all time high in the Kazakh Federation. The civil war in started when the government of Poland tried to become capitalist and wants to join the ESA, but unfortunately there has been a fascist uprising which resulted in a civil war. The rebels managed to gain some land and hold an advantage in the country. This war has come to a ceasefire, but tensions remain high in Poland, and conflict could resume at any moment, we will keep you updated on this developing situation. In Kazakhstan tensions have increased between the capitalist and communist Levant, the Kazakh government is becoming worried that there may be a war between the two, in the case of war Kazakhstan will support the capitalist side. This is a very complex situation we will have to watch closely.

Elections were recently held in PeePeePooPooCaCa, which resulted in Maria Kittinger being reelected in her second term. Her approval rating is throught the roof in both PPPPCC and the rest of the Labyrinth. Here is her address to the nation,
and oath to the presidency. If you are interested in the full results of elections you can find those here

MoneyGoodLand and WooLooLand have revealed the details of their country's native language you can find that
The Labyrinth games will be happening very soon, if you would wish to participate please let Drazza Ra now. You can find more info about the games here
(The roleplay news was written by Roleplay Reporter Ugosal)



On Sunday, PeePeePooPooCaCaís updated stock market came out and was sent out to 7 different regions. It was revealed that profitable markets included space, technology, finance, and arms manufacturing.

Some notable investments include Who cares broís investment towards Who Cares Whores, Puppet SCP Faudationís investment towards U2 Space, and Phoenix city of fireís investment towards all companies belonging to nations in phoenix partners, giving those nations a huge boost in the stock market.

Profits made from the stock market surpassed 4 trillion dollars and nations part of it rose to 21.


Greater German Empire established an economic bloc named Middle Europa

Greater German Empire, PeePeePooPooCaCa, and NA nations set up numerous trade deals midweek, with muskets, cannons, gold, and carriages among the most traded goods.


The famous economic alliance, the ESA, received a new member, Mojave Chapter Brotherhood of Steel. Their founder, Ugosal, also recently teamed up with The united states of western korea to establish a new economically prosperous nation in the former Libaracia territory.

(The economic report was written by Economic consultant PeePeePooPooCaCa)

Labyrinth Weather

A toasty one across the Labyrinth with heat indexes over 100 along the south coast, cooler in the north, with a high of only 68 in the northwest region. The Northwest stays below average and cloudy throughout the week. Lots of rain over the west and south as a weak cold front approaches, look for highs to drop a few degrees, and lower chances of rain throughout the middle of the week, before getting warmer, and higher chances of rain to end the week. the east staying warm and dry all week long. That's all for your weekly Labyrinth weather report.

Bob Ross Baseball League(Swiftlandia, El Spana and Drazza Ra)
PhilPort Reactors 5 Astley Aliens 3 / Ross Lake Squirrels 3 Swiftington Chainsaws 2 / Drazza Ra Shreks 6 KimJong City 4 / Gwaffyton Aarmadillos 4 El Spana Spiders 3

Other News

The Alterran Republic No More!?
The Labyrinth recently closed embassies with the Alterran Republic and you might be asking why, we have the answer for you right here. The Alterran Republic recently changed WA delegates, due to the past one doing something bad (not sure exactly what all posts about it have now been suppressed, meaning are unviewable to us). The bad thing that the past delegate was a group effort and they were not able find out exactly who was in on it. They quickly appointed a new WA delegate, who kicked and banned a good portion region out, including people who had nothing to do with the incident. The WA delegate gives no reasons for the kick, anyone who criticizes him gets all their messages suppressed or kicked. The new government is corrupt and against what the Labyrinth stands for, we will not have relations with the new Alterran Republic government and advise any other region to do the same

Important Notices

Important Map Notice
Swiftlandian Peoples Republic is adding terrain to the map so make sure you telegram him your basic geography, you can find more information here

Roleplay Training
The Labyrinth is now offering roleplay training to new nations, and nations new to roleplay, while this is optional it is highly encouraged for all nations. Anyone wishing to go through roleplay training please contact Swiftlandian Peoples Republic[/box

Naming Contest

We are holding a contest to see who can come up with the best name for the newspaper, the winner will be voted on by the region. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Labyrinth Newspaper is Recruiting
Did you enjoy this newspaper, do you want to help the Labyrinth, do you want to make the newspaper better? If you answered yes to any of those questions then we want you to join The Labyrinth Newspaper team. We want anyone who is willing or able to help. We are especially in need of forum, interregional/embassy region, roleplay, and World Assembly reporters. If you can/want to help, or want more info please contact The Labyrinth Times editor Swiftlandian Peoples Republic.

Want to be Featured on The Labyrinth Times
Do you have an event, or story you want featured in the Labyrinth times? If so feel free to contact any of our newspaper team, we would be glad to feature you!

The Labyrinth Times Team
Editor: Swiftlandian Peoples Republic
Proofreader: Wooloo-land
Roleplay Reporter: Ugosal
Government Reporter: Doctriniumn
Economic Reporter: PeePeePooPooCaCa
Starting in edition 2, soon to be sports, weather, and co-roleplay reporter: El Spana

Long Live King Minos, and Long Live the Labyrinth