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Tuairisc Politics

Secretary General: Saoirse Doheny

Decentralised Planned Economy

The Peoples Republic of Tuairisc follows the economic policies of a decentralized-planned economy or decentrally-planned economy. It is the type of planned economy in which
the investment and allocation of consumer and capital goods is explicated accordingly to an economy-wide plan built and operatively coordinated through a distributed network of disparate economic agents or even production units itself.

Participatory Planning

The Peoples Republic of Tuairisc also follows the economic policy of Participatory Planning.

The Participatory Planning policy is the planning structure of a decentralized planned economy. It is generally based on a consumers council and producer council (or jointly, a distributive cooperative) which is sometimes called a consumers' cooperative. Producers and consumers, or their representatives, negotiate the quality and quantity of what is to be produced. This structure is central to participatory economics, guild socialism.

Government Structure

The government is a one party system run by the Distributive Consumer Cooperative Party (DCCP). The members are elected every ten years and every member gets to serve only one ten year term.

The DCCP once elected gets to vote on who to appoint as Secretary General. The Secretary General is the head of the government and is the international ambassador of the nation. The SG only gets to seve one ten year term.

The current Secretary General is Saoirse Doheny she is thirty years old and she used to be a high ranking Admiral in the navy.