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Coronation of Lady Rose as Empress of the Hispanian Union

Madrid, 30th June 2020

Yesterday was a great day since Lady Rose became the new Queen of Portugal as Isabel I and there was a great party in the streets of Lisbon, but it wasn't over yet. They left the Palace around 8:00 pm in direction to Santa Apolónia, the first train station of Portugal, where the Royal Train was waiting to take them (the royal family) to Madrid, for the coronation as Empress of the Hispanian Union.

Waiting for them was Mighil Al Bawma, the Moroccan King, which Jorge of Braganza-Habsburg-Lorraine invites him to come along with them to Madrid. It was quite a night to travel to the center of the Peninsula.

While they were departing Lisbon, Madrid had been given a spring clean, they repair the roads, the Palacio de las Cortes had been prepare for the coronation, and ambassadors started to arrive in Madrid. Alongside them, all the kings and princes came too. They are Manoel I of León, Enrique I of the Philippines, Duarte I of Castille, Gebreselassie Mekdem I of Navarre, Kenan Smith Bourgeoisie I of Granada, Alvaro Ramirez I of Aragon and Elizabeth I, Sultana of the EAU; the princes are: Prince Santiago of Cantábria and Princess Maria of the Canarias. People like Luca Blondelli, Viceroy of Brazil; Marceline Noémi Bastien, Governess of Angola; James Henry Nicolas Smith III, President of RTP/RTVE; Ricardo Sinclair, President of the Congress; Admiral José Prudencio Padilla, Governor of Nova Lusitânia; Pedro de Alcantra, son of the former Prime-Minister of Portugal; Lord Digmann Von Valerstein or Florencio Bento de Lima, Governor of Macau, also came to the coronation as a special guest.

While on the train, and during the dinner, Jorge talks about the governance of a monarch, stories that happen during his time as King, and when he became Emperor, they also told jokes and laugh and celebrate that there was a new monarch in the family. Lady Cristiana, the President of Imperial Ocean Lines, talked about that the business was great and that the company was making more money with the coronation. With this news, Lady Rose got up of the table and went to the library of the train. Her father went talk to her and said to not worry about anything, that she would be the greatest monarch that the Empire ever saw.

They went to sleep since it would take some time to arrive in Madrid.

The Royal Train arrived at 07:45 am and the workers of the Train Station remove the royal car, the Rolls Royce Phantom V, onto the road, to take them to the Royal Palace of El Pardo, where they would stay until the time came to move them to the Palacio de las Cortes.

While they went to the Palace, Jorge and Mighil went to Toledo, to see if the preparations for the party after the coronation were ready. Jazz Music, a vintage style party, drinks, and food were ready, waiting only for the party. Princess Maria of the Canarias, which was a cousin of Jorge and part of the same Royal House, was the chief of the party and told them not to worry about that.
With that, they went to El Pardo to take a rest. While in the car, Jorge said this to Mighil:
I'm gonna make a speech after my daughter's speech, to say a few last words to the citizens of the Federation.

In the palace, Lady Rose was getting ready for the coronation. The dress was made ready the day before in Madrid because they fear that could be ruined in the train ride, and it was a beautiful dress, the best ever made for a monarch of the 21st Century.

When the two arrived at the palace, they went to change for the ceremony, and when they saw the palace, they were astonished of what they saw: the palace was decorated with flags and flowers; a statue of the Empress was made to put in front of the palace, it was gorgeous.

At 11:20 am, they left the Palace of El Pardo in direction to the Palacio de las Cortes, where the guest was waiting for them. On the way, the people were waiting for her to pass by them. The Queen almost cry when it saw them, but she didn't, she hold her tears back.
After entering the Palacio de las Cortes, Lady Rose almost didn't want to enter the chamber, but after her father talked to her, she was feeling strong and she entered the Chamber of the Congress, where everyone cheered when she entered.
The leader of the Chamber started:
"Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Courts are here to proclaim Queen Isabel I of Portugal as Empress Isabel III of the Hispanian Union."

The Queen took the oath saying:
"I, Lady Rose of Braganza-Habsburg-Lorraine, solemnly swear that I will exercise the functions of Empress of the Hispanian Union, honoring the integrity of the peoples and the independence of this Union, with the name of Isabel III of Hispania."
The leader of the chamber concluded:
"Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Cortes received the oath. From now one, Lady Rose of Braganza-Habsburg-Lorraine will reign as Empress Isabel III of Hispania!
Long Live the Empress!
Long Live the Union!"

With this, La Marcha Real was played, and after the end, the Empress gave this speech:
"Ladies and Gentlemen,
I almost declined the crown, but after my father talked to me, I accepted it, because he was right in something: the new generation must take over, like the Prime-Minister Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, or me, now Queen of Portugal and Empress of the Union.
I will help the power when I'm needed, respect the constitution and represent the Union when I need to or when I'm asked for.
My reign will be different, because now the world is changing and we might see the collapse of any country, like Russia or the US.
Long Live the Union!"

Before everyone went out, the former Emperor said a few words:
"I didn't prepare a speech, because I wasn't supposed to give one.
But, since it is my last speech, I just want to say thank you.
Thank you to everyone that help me, the supported me and help me to make this union happen, since the Iberian People wanted to, and now we are united in one country because our history is one of bad relations, that is true, but in recent years, great relations.
God Save the Empress!
Long Live the Union!"

Everyone almost cried with the speech, but instead of that, they applauded the former emperor and the Empress hug him, and the people, seeing from outside of the Palacio de las Cortes, started shouting "Long Live the Empress".
They left the Palacio and went to Toledo, where they had a big party of coronation. They ate, they dance, they laugh, they had a great time. At night, the former Emperor and her wife were walking in the Palace's garden, and talking, when Maria do Carmo, his wife, said:
-Well, now that we aren't the monarchs, what shall we do?
In which Jorge said:
-Whatever we decided, I will always love you, no matter what.
She said:
-I love you too.
They kissed and hug, and started talking about their future.

But at last, the Union had an Empress, the young Rose, now know as Isabel III.

God Save Empress Isabel III of Hispania

A special thanks to:

From the region of Portugal:
Condado da Feira, for been Manoel I of León and for the help with the new politics of the federation;
Ofiussia, for been Enirque I of the Philippines and for the help with the old version of the world;
Peterandia, for been Pedro de Alcantra and for the support;
Alentejo and Algarve, for been Lord Digmann Von Valerstein and for his help in the old version;

From the region of Thalassia:
Owl Archipelago, for been Mighil Al Bawma and for the help with the story;
Zeneslav, for been Ricardo Sinclar and for the help with the portraits;
Arenado, for been Duarte I of Castille and for the support;
Ayeinc, for been Gebreselassie Mekdem I of Navarre and for the help with symbols for the monarchs and the news;
Sho, for been Marceline Noémi Bastien, Governess of Angola and for the support;
Zentata, for been James Henry Nicolas Smith III, President of RTP/RTVE and for the support;
Badivermeraed, for been Kenan Smith Bourgeoisie I of Granada and for the support;
Nationific, for been Florencio Bento de Lima, Governor of Macau and for the help with the Cold War Story;

From the region of The Kingdom of Great Britain:
Miss Madeline, for been Princess Maria of the Canarias and for the support;
United English Kingdom, for been Prince Santiago of Cantábria and for the support;
Eliza Norfolk, for been Elizabeth I, Sultana of the EAU and for the support;
Alastair McIntyre, for been Alvaro Ramirez I of Aragon and for helping me finding a good photo for Empress Isabel III;
Santander Bolivar, for been Admiral José Prudencio Padilla, Governor of Nova Lusitânia and for the support

From out of NationStates:
Luca, for been Luca Blondelli, Viceroy of Brazil and for helping me with Germany