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by The People's Republic of Renaia. . 6 reads.

Thank you, Maldovia

Greetings to the Nations and peoples reading this dispatch.

I am here to officially inform that the People's Republic of Greater Maldovia, a long-lasting ally of Renaia and a particularly influential and excellent member of our region, has recently changed their main economic policy from Socialism to Capitalism.

Renaians from across the Nation, from the Mountains in the South to the Caspian Sea in the West to the Plains in the North, are mourning as the Socialist Maldovian flag is lowered for one last time.

As the leader of Renaia, I shall not declare our two nations as enemies. Maldovia and Renaia have been allied since the birth of our nation, and even though this change in economic policy is quite heartbreaking to see from our end, our positive relations shan't halt. We will send foreign aid in the form of social welfare funding, better work conditions, eco-friendliness and help for those in objectively worse financial conditions than others.

Thank you to the People's Republic of Maldovia for their never-ending support of Renaia and its neighbours with the addition of excellent national and international administration throughout the many years. I wish the best for the Federation of Greater Maldovia, from now onwards.